Spicy plays Dota 2 | Luna Carry

This time I'm playing a carry Luna and decided to build here into a right clicking machine. I should maybe just play support.

Watch the video!

A short summary of what happened:

Had an okay-ish early game faced against a Tusk in the safe lane. I had to solo because our Bloodseeker decided to Jungle and our Axe and Witch Doctor went to backdoor the enemy safe lane.

I had a pretty good time farming, but even with items it seems that the enemy just picked better heroes. Even with a Black King Bar, I couldn't even damage them high enough to be a threat.

Maybe it's karma because I un-paused on their disconnects, but whatever, a loss is a loss. Time to move onto the next game!

Any tips for me to improve my game? Or just want to flame me and make me sad? Comment below!

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