Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Offlane Clinkz

Hit people with fire arrows, go invisible, move right behind them, repeat. You hit people with Searing Arrows, fire arrows, whatever. You're Clinkz, not much skill involved here.

Watch the video here:

Had an okay-ish time during the laning phase soloing the Dire offlane against a Timbersaw and an Earthshaker, as to why they decided to put their carry, Luna, in the offlane, We will never know.

With the sub-par farm I got from last-hitting, and also because the game was starting to go weird. I decided to leave my lane and just go gank, but to my dismay, the enemy team was almost starting to give up. Well I would, too, if the game score shows that my team only has one kill while the enemy has more than 20.

The game just got dragged longer because both our Phantom Assassin and Lina needed to finish a quest for their Battle Passes. I just went with it.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Some insults maybe? Comment them below!

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