Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Roaming Earthshaker

Go around, fissure, stun, hit like a truck, repeat. I roam around making every enemy hero hate me. Feels good to be a shaker, man.

Watch the video here:

Decided the be a roaming Earthshaker and gank every possible lane that I can. Was also tasked with warding since no one else seems to be wanting to -- hello, SEA DOTA!

Ganking was successful, enemy Rikimaru disconnected and abandoned the game. To compensate, our Witch Doctor did the same. Made the enemy Ursa have a very sad game, our team had enough disables to kite him and make sure he can't unleash his fury swipes on anyone.

Whole team snowballed and it was just a matter of time before we eventually won the game.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Insults, maybe? Comment them below!

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