Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Techies Support


Plant bombs, blow people up, suicide, repeat. It's pretty damn boring, but it wins games. IT WINS GAMES!! Just kidding, everybody hates the techies player.

Watch the video here:
A techies game! Oh boy, this is going to be soooo fun! NOT.

Spent the first half of the game planting land mines everywhere. I chose to put them at choke points, or where I think the enemies will walk around to gank.

Game looked pretty lost from the mid game onwards, but because of my amazing techies' plays, we managed to hold off their push and ultimately won the game!

I had nothing else to say, I played techies. I obviously did nothing worth mentioning. Oh right, I "accidentally" blew up my planted remote mines for barracks defense. TWICE.

Any tips for me? Maybe want to show me some hate after playing Techies? Comment them below!

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