Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Winter Wyvern Support

Heal teammates, have a decent-enough nuke, and make enemy heroes hit their teammates. This hero is so fun to play.

Watch the video here:

Tri-laned with Lion to baby sit, and get some kills, with our safelane Medusa. Laning phase was pretty successful. Medusa eventually got good farm and wasn't harassed too much in her lane.

Tried to help with ganks during the mid phase of the game, saving my ultimate for when we want to disengage or target whoever Ursa is closest to.

At the late stages of the game, although our Medusa had items and was pretty hard to kill, we were ratted too much by the Nature's Prophet and the opposing team managed to get Mega-Creeps, which was super hard to defend against even with Medusa and Winter Wyvern's crowd control spell.

I think my itemization this game was pretty good. Forcestaff was mainly used for getting teammates slowed or targeted by Ursa as far away as possible. Eul's Scepter of Divinity was used for the same thing and also to remove Global Silence to be able to cast my Ultimate. Got my refresher orb to easily disable a core enemy hero or anyone near Ursa.

Although we kept on managing to defend our base and get kills, the fact that the enemy constantly pushed made it hard for us to eventually bounce back. The end of the game happened when we were caught off-guard by the Invoker who only needed a few hits to destroy our ancient.

We lost, but this was indeed a great game.

Any tips for me to improve my supporting-game? Or maybe just want to throw out an insult or two? Whatever it is, comment them below!

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