Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Brewmaster Offlane | I am Bad with Titles

Get in, Stomp, Split, cause as much chaos as you possibly can, split ends, you either won the team-fight or are running for your life. This is the life of a Brewmaster player.

Watch the video here:

Solo'd the Radiant offlane against a Luna and Keeper of the Light duo. They never even thought of making things hard for me as they kept on pushing the lane, giving me farm and exp. Once I hit level 6, they were 2 levels behind and with that I was able to easily lay waste to the enemy carry, Luna.

Throughout the game, I kept on using my split to cause chaos in team-fights and chase away high-priority targets. The weaver was able to cause so much damage to us while being un-catchable. Thus I decided to get a Gem of Truesight for the team.

That paid off pretty well since I could just split and the enemy wouldn't be able to focus me down and get the gem. With that, the weaver was easily killed during team-fights.

The Luna I was laned against earlier became a total non-factor in this game. Am I a good offlane player or what?

Any tips you have for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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