Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Centaur Warrunner Offlane | Centaur Aghanim's Very Balanced

Did I want to look good and not include my missed stuns in the video? Yes. Okay, look, I had like a million missed stuns, okay? But I think I played well. Stop judging me.

Watch the video here:

Was solo laning against a supposed tri-lane of Anti-mage, Ogre Magi, and Sandking, but that didn't seem to work out as they weren't aggressive enough to go on me even though they had a lot of stuns. The tri-lane became a duo, until it was just Anti-mage. AM didn't even make an effort of controlling the creep wave as he let me have a large number of creeps, giving me just enough gold and exp to be annoying in team-fights.

I was unable to contest with the Anti-mage, too, though. There were rotations from my teammates to get a kill on AM, but the stuns were always to short or mis-timed, and AM kept on escaping.

I focused on getting Aghanim's as soon as possible because with the Magnus and Anti-mage combo, not to mention Ogre Magi being there, their damage output would be insane.

And as I thought, the Agh's really did make a large difference. Even when the team got caught in a Reverse Polarity, by activating my ult, the team were able to survive Anti-mage's onslaught time and time again.

With this, we pushed highground and just proceeded to end the game.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment the below!

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