Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Drow Ranger Offlane

Right clicking is all you do. Shoot arrows, right click, maybe silence occasionally, then back to right-click arrows. It's all about the right clicks, son.

Watch the video here:

Was laned at Dire bottom offlane with a Pudge who didn't seem to give a f*ck about me getting some last hits. Struggled through the laning phase because of last-hit competition and being at the offlane. I had to play very cautiously since one gank could end me right away.

After getting some basic items to jungle, I just left the lane, it was also mainly because of Tinker's presence that I had to forget about laning, as he could TP in through the creeps and end my little Drow's life.

Things started to look pretty dire during the mid phase of the game as Tinker had a super easy time picking us off one by one. But out Queen of Pain realized that this Tinker player only knew to the basic burst damage Dagon build, so she got a Blade Mail, which was possibly the game-changing item that turned the game around.

With Tinker being dumb enough not to buy a Black King Bar, he was unable to keep himself alive with QoP's Blade Mail.

I also got one, it paid off quite a bit since people didn't want to hit a low-hp Drow Ranger with Mask of Madness in effect while Blade Mail is up. New Meta perhaps?

Any tips for me to improve my game? or maybe just want to throw around some insults? Comment them below!

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