Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Jungle Axe | All the Missed Calls

Blink in, Berserker's Call, pray to the Dota Gods and RNG-Jesus that your helix procs everytime, and hope team backs you up. Or die, horribly. I need to improve myself on Blink-in calls.

Watch the video here:

Early on, I was forced to lane at Radiant top(offlane) with Bristleback until level 2 because I mistakenly thought that we were going for a bounty rune kill and leveled up Battle Hunger at level 1. That didn't work so I had to waste some time at top getting some exp.

All throughout the game I kept on missing my calls, luckily the team weren't so toxic and just accepted how noob I am at playing Axe.

Did my best to initiate for my team, and everything turned out well--I guess. Invoker and Spectre were able to get items and just destroyed the enemy team.

I think, after this game, that I need to improve myself on initiating team-fights. I have to make good decisions of when to start a fight or to just back-off.

Anything else that you think I need to do to improve myself? Or maybe just want to point-out the bad plays I made? Comment them below!

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