Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Night Stalker Offlane | Fear the Night, Kids.

By day, Balanar farms and is basically a weak little Demon, but by night he turns into an annoying asshole who ganks anyone stupid enough to be far away from their tower at night time.

Watch the video here:

Started the game laned against a safelane Juggernaut and a Bristleback who seems to be babysitting. As to why a Bristleback is babysitting a Juggernaut, I will never know. Gotta love the SEA Dota server.

They didn't really do much to prevent me from getting exp. They pulled the creep wave once which made me utilize the hard camp near the secret shop. Pretty much nothing happened for the first 4 minutes or so of the game, at least in my lane.

When night time came, their nightmare began. Rotated around looking for kills, or just to zone out their heroes. Pretty successful with the first night time as our team got a few kills, a key kill was the one on the mid Pudge, which created space for the Outworld Devourer to farm.

Although the Radiant team were putting up a fight, I kept on being active during night-time, the team was taking advantage of the night, too, as they were always present on ganks and pushes.

Because of my amazing rotation and ganking, Outworld Devourer and Phantom Assassin got some good farm and were able to stomp on the enemy heroes. OD even got a rampage.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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