Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Roaming Bounty Hunter | Roam. Be Annoying. Win Game

There is no better way of playing Bounty Hunter. You need to be as annoying as you possibly can, show up and every lane, right click people, then go invisible, if you can kill, go for it, if not, go somewhere else. Make every single enemy hate you so much you get reported.

Watch the video here:

Right from the very start, I had the mindset of being the most annoying hero in the game. Right after the first bounty rune spawn, I got first blood on the enemy Alchemist. He got the bounty rune, but I made him pay for it, then Arc Warden was just around the corner so I went and chased his sorry *ss, too. Spectre was too close to the Tier 2 tower so I just went back to base. At this point, I think they already hate me.

After that awesome start, I just went to every lane looking for kills or just annoying the enemy team to death. Once Zeus got some items and I had track, kills just happened every minute, and gold was raining down upon us, to the point that I could just get Hex as a core item.

The enemy team couldn't really do much to stop us, we even humiliated them right outside their own fountain with only one lane of barracks down. That's how behind they were.

Nothing really much else to describe. This was basically just a stomp.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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