Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Winter Wyvern Support

The 2nd to the last game I had before my Solo MMR got calibrated. I now fully understand why I am always at the 2k bracket. Got to improve myself!

Watch the video here:

Had a lot of misplays this game, I think. Started out baby-sitting the Rikimaru in the Radiant safelane, Did absolutely nothing on that lane, so I just went around and warded.

With this game, I believe I need to improve myself on map movement and making sure, that as a support, I always do something in the map and keep moving around. Whether it be warding, stacking, or just coming into the lane to heal someone or harass.

The thing that annoyed me while playing in the 2k MMR solo bracket, was that supports were really undervalued. Everyone always wants to play a carry. I always random my heroes, because there's not one that I particularly like playing over and over again.

Seriously, playing in the 2k bracket while having a support role is like playing a bot game. There were games where I did my absolute best to support everyone, but our carry was just too damn dumb.

But I won't let this setback stop me from randoming or playing a support role, my road to 3k MMR at solo while randoming everytime, begins now!

Any tips for me to improve my game? Maybe want to point out how noob I am? Comment them below!

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