Plague Inc. Simian Flu Casual Guide: Easy Gene Unlock Strategy

The latest special plague type, Simian Flu, simulates the same virus in the Planet of the Apes film that kills humans and makes apes smarter--It actually makes humans smart, too, but it kills them soon after. Because this is a new plague type, the Yo It's Spicy team decided to make guides as we progress to conquering the Simian Flu in mega-brutal strategy. So for starters, we'll need to unlock the Simian Flu-exclusive genes first.

The easiest and simplest way to unlock genes is to play and win a game in casual difficulty. Genes unlock one at a time so you'll need to play a few games to unlock them all. Obviously, we'd want a strategy that works all the time so we could easily unlock every gene without having to restart multiple games.

At first look, the Simian Flu seems to be very complicated since you are able to use ape abilities and transmissions, but don't be confused by this, the main goal is still to eradicate humanity--leave the apes alone they've done nothing!

I've used this strategy to unlock every available Simian Flu gene, and I have never lost a game using it--I guess playing on mega-brutal all the time made this easier for me. Also, this strategy does not make use of any ape abilities, I treated the Simian Flu like any other basic plague type.

Here's the most recent stats I had using this strategy:

Recommended Genes

Since we're just starting to play the Simian Flu, all its unique genes will be locked. These are the suggested genes(that you may have already unlocked) to make the game a little bit easier.
  • ATP Boost - can't go wrong with this gene, it's my personal favorite, since it provides 8 DNA at the start that could be put to good use at the early stages of any game.
  • Aerocyte - this strategy mainly relies on planes to spread the infection to other countries.
  • Extremophile - minor boost in every climate. You could also substitute this one with Xerophile to increase infection rates 

If you don't have these genes yet, I suggest you play some casual Bacteria games to unlock them. It shouldn't take too long.

*Insert ape-related cliche or pun here*

1.) Before selecting a country to start in, evolve Pharyngitis. Begin your plague in Saudi Arabia, then continue to evolve the following as soon as you have the DNA(in this order).
  • Sneezing
  • Air 1 & 2
  • Drug Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 1
  • Water 1 & 2
  • Extreme Bioaerosol
  • Drug Resistance 1
  • Cold Resistance 2
Don't worry about mutations, I have played several games with this strategy and mutations don't really cause any trouble. They help the strategy more than they destroy it, actually.

2.) At this point, we're just going to relax and pop bubbles until the whole world is infected. While waiting, watch the cure progression carefully. 

If the cure progression reaches 25%, immediately evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis. This is the only ape ability we'll be evolving in this strategy.
After the pop-up above appears, evolve:
  • Neuro-enhancement 1, 2, and 3
  • Total Brain Death

3.) After evolving Total Brain Death, continue by evolving the most lethal symptoms you can. I've listed down the ones you should prioritize on getting.
  • Haemorrhagic Shock
  • Pulmonary Haemorrhage
  • Internal Haemorrhaging
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Meningitis
  • Coma
  • Gastric Ulceration
  • Hypocoagulability
These symptoms will provide enough lethality to easily eradicate humanity. You're likely enough to get adequate DNA to evolve all of them, if you have remaining DNA left, use them to evolve Genetic Re-Shuffles.

Now, all that's left is to wait for the Simian Flu to wipe out every living human on earth and bring upon the rise of the apes.

Alternate Strategies

Simian Flu Casual Strategy Guide by Ross.(Original comment here)

Closing statements and Credits

Thanks to all those who've shared their own guides, tips, and strategies. If you have other things you would want to add, comment below or submit them directly to us via our submit section.

I hope this guide has helped you unlock every possible gene in Simian Flu easily. Now go and use those genes for the Normal difficulty! HSG!


  1. Regarding farming genes on the computer version, you can save the game right when you are about to win and load the game repeatedly to farm genes. (The last time I tested this was around a month and a half ago so I don't know if this still works. I believe it still does.)

  2. This strategy is do-do.

  3. Brutal isn't too hard. I beat it with five biohazards using the following strategy:

    Notes for this strategy:
    For the most part, don't worry about mutations. If you evolve a highly lethal mutation early, it can hinder this strategy.
    If a message comes up about airplane or ship filters, ignore it. We will take care of them in time.
    I created six colonies, one in each of the following countries: West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, Sudan, Angola and Saudi Arabia. I recommend the first four and then pick two additional countries.
    If a country is targeted by drones, then move your apes from that country.
    Use Ape Rampage to attack any Gen-Sys labs you can. Don't move your apes to attack a lab, wait until that country has intelligent apes and then attack.

    Start with ATP Boost, Teracyte, Ion Deficit, Together Strong, Extremeophile.

    Start in Central Africa

    Evolve as follows:
    Simian neuro-genesis
    Ape Colonies
    Create a colony in Central Africa
    Cognitive shift
    Sabaceous execretion
    Blood gift
    Create new colonies as you can (recommend six)
    Cutaneous transfer
    Inter-genus dissemination 1
    Inter-genus dissemination 2
    Submissive conception
    At this point create colonies until you have six.
    Formites 1
    Formites 2
    Formites 3
    Evolve Air 1 & 2, Water 1 & 2 in any order
    Evolve Bird 1, Insect 1, Bat 1 in any order
    Evolve Bird 2, Insect 2, Bat 2 in any order
    Ape rampage
    Primal hunt
    Weapon creation
    Organized travel (don't use this ability until the humans attack)
    Primal Awareness
    When the humans attack, or when over six billion people are infected evolve:
    Neuro-enhancement 1
    Neuro-enhancement 2
    Neuro-enhancement 3
    Total brain death
    Hominidae Bridge
    Using the travel ability, infect any country that is not infected
    Any lethal symptoms
    Genetic reshuffles if needed

    I finished with the following stats:
    787 days
    Cure 24%
    Score 438840
    5 Biohazards

  4. Why this strategy works. The main upside of the Simian Flu is Ape Colonies. Place them in countries with a lot of apes and get DNA upgrades and they will generate 10-15 DNA a bubble. They also do it infinitely when red biohazard bubbles only appear a limited amount of times and orange bubbles are really slow and unreliable. You need a lot of DNA to evolve transmissions because there is no transstasis/symptostasis gene. This strategy allows you to generate a ton DNA early on, allowing you to get a ton of infectivity while being fairly unnoticed, due to Primal Awareness and War Paint. If you tried to infect people first and then apes, your disease will get noticed early and there will be a lot of GenSys bases. However, infecting apes early generates a lot more (essential) DNA and makes the disease noticed later. It also helps spread infection to humans when you evolve Hominidae Bridge. For this reason, I suggest getting it earlier (you will have enough DNA, the colonies generate so much.) Also, as an addition to Nick's strategy (which is awesome btw) you should get Drug 1/2 and Cold 1/2 after Primal Awareness to make sure Canada is fully infected. You don't need to worry about Greenland/Iceland, 1 million or less people uninfected is fine. You'll still get the [[Disease Name]] creates planet of the apes popup and win.

  5. The above strategy works on normal too. For the simian genes I used ATP overload and Call of the Wild. The cure was at 93% completion, but I did beat it on normal with the above strategy plus what I added above.

  6. This strategy is a totally joke. It flopped right out of the gate on my first two casual play throughs.

    You do have to be aware of what mutates because if you get Neuro-Enhancement while still infecting everyone, there is no way with even Total Brian Death will you kill fast enough to offset the huge boost to research it provides.

    Even evolving Pharyngitis and allowing other symptoms to evolve unchecked is a terrible idea. You have to play this like every single other disease and make sure to devolve every symptom as they show up least the cure research hammer you into the ground even when you reach 100% infection and turn it lethal.

  7. Playing through on causal three times and the initial posted strategy does not work, even with making sure to Neuro-enhancement 1 as soon as it shows up. Like ever other disease option in the series, cure research happens too fast if symptoms are allowed to appear.

  8. Fourth play through casual (casual!) making sure to devolve every symptom before it arises though the first half of infecting the world, Gen-Sys still figures out something is up when about 3.3 billion had been infected. They were about 50% cure rate when I was at 6.5 billion people and so I did the Neuro-enhancement 1, 2, 3, Total Brain Death and every other lethal option I could buy and within days they had the cure at 100%. End result, just slightly more than 100 million dead before the disease was eradicated.

    Again, this is on casual mode.

  9. I did this strategy again, just to make sure, and it still works fine. Based on the strategy's rating it's working for most people.

    Also, are you doing this step?

    "If the cure progression reaches 25%, immediately evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis. This is the only ape ability we'll be evolving in this strategy."

  10. Then only reason that the cure was so fast was because it seems that you didn't get Simian Neuro-Genesis, like Spicy mentioned above. You need Simian Neurogenesis to destroy the research facility. Otherwise the research facility will speed up the cure by crazy amounts.

  11. Hi! I just wanted this to pop-up! I am actually Jacob Cor. contact my email so I can confirm it.

  12. This techniques doesn't work for me. On Mega-brutal, the second they show symptoms, it jumps to 80% cure within days. Devolve all symptoms until there is 99% infection. Focus on water and cold first.
    Evolve genetic hardening 2 ASAP.

  13. Had the same result for my two playthrough. Couldn't infect everybody the first time following the guideline strictly, the seondary research facilities boosted the cure. The second time, after simian neurogenesis I took the symptoms anti-cure and two anti-cure abilities and soon the cure was 95% ready, and I had more than 800 millions healthy people left... (playing casual on pc)

  14. By using a variation on this strategy, where I used Ion Surge and on Mega-Brutal, I achieved a 5 Biohazard and a score of just over 750,000.
    Instead allowing symptoms to mutate, I first bought Photophobia and Joint Pain (from headache/rash), then applied the strategy above creating colonies and stockpiling huge amounts of DNA whilst devolving any symptoms that mutate instantly.

    Evolve the ape genes as above, and move groups of apes from small non-colony nations to the South/North America, and then from countries like Norway to Greenland (ensure the route goes through Iceland), likewise from Korea to New Zealand (with the route passing through Papa New Guinea), and finally Botswana/Zimbabwe to Australia (passing through Madagascar).

    From this, almost all hard to reach countries should have apes on them. Now with your stockpiled DNA, evolve Drug Resistance 1 and 2, and Cold Resistance 1 and 2, (and Genetic Hardening - though this is optional).

    Now with the next batch of DNA (approx 200), evolve all non-lethal symptoms, Air 1 and 2, Water 1, and Bird 1. Then evolve Hominade Bridge, this will result in an explosion of Red Bubbles to pop, so I advise regular pausing to ensure they are all attainable.

    Then, as in the above strategy, wait until most people are infected, and unleash Total Brain Failure.

    This should result in a victory with the cure at around 25% and in over 1500 days. It seems a while, but it's worth it!

  15. In the first trait steps, it repeats Drug Resistance 1
    2 times.

  16. Nina Garman A SaleemMarch 9, 2015 at 5:42 PM

    The way I do it is much, much easier and faster. If anyone wants me to type it out, I will, but otherwise I will leave it at that. Both of these methods are WAY too complicated.

  17. you have drug resistance 1 twice

  18. I just assumed he meant drug resistance 2, and it still works

  19. This strategy is epic. People should also use this for Simian genes

  20. It means drug 2