Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Roaming Mirana

As the great SingSing once said: "Shoot arrow, Hit arrow". With this in mind, I tried my hardest to hit every arrow I throw, those that didn't hit, well let's just say they were zoning arrows. Pretty next-level right?

Watch the video here:

Opted to go Roaming right from the start of the game. Made sure to gank mid first to give our Outworld Devourer an advantage in the mid lane early against an Invoker. Because of my amazing timing and arrow-shooting skills, Invoker was hit and shortly after, gave away first blood.

I kept on roaming around looking for someone to arrow, but wasn't able to. So I farmed as much as I can and itemized not as a support, but as a semi-carry. But who would have known that my hits won't even do shit. So instead of going Linken's Sphere as a defensive item, I chose a Lotus Orb to remove debuffs from our Gyrocopter and Outworld Devourer, who were both, obviously, doing the heavy-hitting.

My ult uses needed some improvement, as well as my map awareness. There were some times that my ult was up and I failed to use it in order to save one of our cores.

The enemy team didn't want to force fights on us too much. They resorted into ratting our towers and barracks with their Alchemist and Nature's Prophet. Although this was very much effective against our lineup, their team fight was worse than ours. Whenever they sieged our highground, time and time again, we were able to hold them off.

On their final highground push, both their Alchemist and Nature's Prophet used their buybacks at an earlier time. So after successfully defending and getting rid of their rats, we were able to go straight down mid and end the game.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Insults maybe? Comment them below!

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