Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Nature's Prophet Safelane | The Spam Keeps Going

Guys, please don't get pissed at me for posting and spamming this hero. I'm trying to be a better player, stop judging me. LOL. I know you guys hate me now, but whatever, more FURION!

Watch the video here:

So... I think I pretty much grasped the basics of effectively using Nature's Prophet. Buying wards and providing your team with vision is always nice, and also having utility items to boost your team's teamfight potential is heavily underrated, but is immensely helpful.

I can now read team situations and build my items according to what the team needs the most, and this improvement on my part makes me proud. Hate me all you want for spamming the hero, but I'm also learning to play the game of DOTA 2 more effectively.

I can use my treants to farm the enemy team's jungle and just be attentive enough to move them out if an enemy hero finds them. Doing this boosts my team's economical growth as I am farming the enemy jungle and giving my team some space by pushing only one lane slightly and not giving my treants away to enemies.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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