Plague inc. Breathe Deep Achievement Unlock Guide/ Walkthrough


"Breathe Deep" is an achievement in Plague inc. that can only be unlocked on the Necroa virus plague type. It is considered to be a hard to unlock achievement because it requires the timely evolution of certain transmissions, abilities, or symptoms. The events that lead to the unlocking of this achievement can only be accessed in one country, Ukraine. Check out the guide for more info.

This achievement can only be unlocked on the Necroa Virus plague type. It is recommended to attempt this at Casual difficulty.

Recommended Genes are as follows:
Cytochrome Surge   - More DNA from orange bubbles
Aerocyte                   - Increased chance of plague spreading by air
Thermonecro            - Reduces zombie decay rate in hot countries
Based Oxidisation    - Plague can mutate transmissions
Xerophile                  - Bonus in arid climates

 1.) Start in Ukraine
Pop-ups or events that lead to the unlocking of this event can only be triggered by starting in this country, Ukraine. If you don't know where it is, it's colored in red at the image at the left.

2.) Evolve the following transmissions within 60 days: Saliva 1 and Zoonotic Shift
It is very important to evolve these transmissions before the 60 day mark as it will trigger a pop-up.

3.) 60 days after starting your virus in Ukraine, a pop-up should appear saying:
"Chernobyl tourist recovered from animal attackChernobyl tourist leaves hospital, 2 months after sustaining a brutal animal attack inside the exclusion zone. The animal has still not been identified."
If this pop-up doesn't appear, you will need to start over.

4.) Keep an eye on the news tracker for 2 news updates shown on the image on the left. It often appears when Ukraine is completely infected.

5.) When you see the 2 news updates shown above, go into zombie mode by evolving these symptoms:
Insomnia, Paranoia, Photophobia, Delirium, and Cytopathic Reanimation
This path costs less DNA and is less lethal.

After going into zombie mode, make sure that Ukraine's zombie population does not exceed 3 million. If by any chance it does, a pop-up will trigger saying something like "Authorities can't protect from Ukraine...". If this happens, you will have to start over.

Don't worry about that happening with my guide. In the last 3 runs I've made, my zombie population didn't even exceed a million.

The next steps will be all about patience. We'll need to wait for a few more pop-ups.
6.) A few months after activating zombie mode, another pop-up should appear saying:
"[virus name] 'originated in Chernobyl'Infection patterns suggest that [virus name] originated inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone and spread through contaminated animals"
Wait for a little while and...

7.) Another pop-up should appear, this time saying:
"Chernobyl animals infected with [virus name]Carrier animals infected with [virus name] successfully captured in Chernobyl exclusion zone by special forces. Project approved."
Let the Ukrainians test their animals and be successful. After a few days, you guessed it! another pop-up!

 8.) Yup, another pop-up. It says:
"Chernobyl animal tests successfulChernobyl animal tests are identifying behavioral weaknesses which may apply to zombies as well. More work needed"
9.) After the pop-up, immediately evolve these transmissions: Air 1, Air 2, Blood 1, Blood 2, and Air 3.

After a few moments, the final pop-up shows up

10.) Pop-up signifying the completion of the achievement which says:
" Chernobyl animal autopsy compromises labMajor containment breach during cranial autopsy of Chernobyl animal. Entire research lab compromised."
Congratulations! You have officially unlocked the "Breathe Deep" achievement.

You can choose to finish the game or quit. Win, lose, or quit, the achievement will still be unlocked.

Here's a shorter version of the guide:

  • Start Necroa Virus on Casual
  • Start in Ukraine
  • Evolve Saliva 1 and Zoonotic Shift within 60 days
  • Wait for pop-up: "Chernobyl tourist recovered from animal attack"
  • Wait for 2 news updates
  • Evolve Cytopathic Reanimation through the Insomnia tree
  • Wait for pop-up: "[virus name] 'orignated in Chernobyl'"
  • Wait for pop-up: "Chernobyl animals infected with [virus name]"
  • Wait for pop-up: "Chernobyl animal tests successful
  • Evolve Air 3
  • Final Pop-up appears: "Chernobyl animal autopsy compromises lab"
  • Achievement unlocked
  • Celebrate


  1. I enjoyed this guide until i scrolled down and read the guide 'if you don't, rape the first woman you see'... what on Earth made you think this is acceptable and something to add to a game guide? What the hell is wrong with you to think that's acceptable to add in?

  2. Oh wow. Very sorry about that. This was actually one of the first guides that I've made and at that time the guides I've made had no views at all.

    Very sorry for that. I've already edited that part out. Thanks for commenting and pointing this out.

  3. Rape isn't a 'view', it's a horrible thing that happens to hundreds of women. A viewpoint is 'oh, the game sucked' or 'I really liked this part'. Trying to excuse it by saying it's one of the first guides I wrote is kind of worrying, I mean I liked your guides and now I just feel sad and disgusted. I'm glad that you've edited it out and realised it's a crappy thing to write, but I don't think you realise how bad that was to add in at all.

  4. While waiting for the 'Chernobyl animal tests successful', Air 3 evolved itself. But, that is fine, as I still got the compromised lab and the achievement.