Plague Inc. Bacteria Brutal Guide/ Walkthrough

Bacteria is the first unlocked plague type in Plague inc.. In its description it says "Most common cause of Plague. Unlimited Potential". It has standard transmissions and symptoms available on most plague types, but has a unique ability that stems into 2 more once evolved, Bacterial Resilience. This ability makes the bacteria infect better in every climate. It makes bacteria easier to spread in hard to infect countries such as Greenland and Madagascar. Countries that are both only reachable by sea.

I chose to make a guide in Brutal difficulty since any strategy that works in brutal works in both casual and normal. On the difficulty selection screen, the description on brutal states that people are compulsively hand washing, doctors never go home, and sick people are locked in prison - basically saying everyone is paranoid and will be hard to infect. In this difficulty infection takes time, cure times are faster, and the slightest severity will make your plague noticed by the entire world. Also remember that when you devolve in this difficulty, it will cost more and more. This means that when you devolve for the third time you will not get a refund and the following devolves will cost you more and more DNA.
If this is your first time playing, you'll probably have no genes yet. Genes are useful abilities you unlock when you win games. In total there are 30 genes, 25 can be unlocked by winning games with any plague type, the other 5 can only be unlocked on the Necroa Virus plague and can only be used on it. This post isn't about genes so I'll go on and start on the guide now.

Genetic Code setup:
*I won't be using any genes in this guide, but feel free to experiment when you unlock them.

1.) Start in China
     Devolve any symptom that appears before infecting the entire world.

2.) Evolve Water 1 and Air 1 in transmissions

3.) Evolve Bacterial Resilience 1  and  Drug Resistance 1 in abilities

4.) Evolve Water 2, Air 1, and Extreme Bioaerosol in transmission

5.) Finish the Bacterial Resilience tree, evolve 2 and 3

6.) Now wait for the whole world to be infected. This takes a while so make sure your speed is at fast forward

7.) Once everyone's infected, Evolve the following symptoms(I recommend doing it in this order):
     Rash, Sweating, Fever, Immune Suppression, Total Organ Failure, Coma, and Paralysis

8.) People should start dying now. When you get enough DNA evolve the following:
     Insomnia, Paranoia, Seizures, and Insanity

9.) You should still get some more DNA since people are dying, try to get these when you can:
     Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle. Get more reshuffles if you can to lower cure percentage

10.) Now watch as your plague eradicates humanity.

The best stat I got running this setup is finishing in 1119 days, having cure at 42%  of the cure complete, and 3 out of 5 biohazards.

As I stated before starting, I did this without genes so feel free to experiment with it to get higher scores.


I will update this guide in the future once I get a good strategy going. I'll probably also make a guide with my recommended genes. Post some tips in the comments and I'll try them out.


  1. I've tried maybe 4 or 5 other guides to help me beat this level. And finally, following your guide, I got it! I was excited and wanted to thank you for an awesome job!!

  2. Thank you, I finally passed brutal due to this guide!

  3. 943 days
    45% complete
    Total score: 14,560

    Thank you so much!

  4. 894 Days
    21% Complete
    4/5 biohazards. Total Score 46470

  5. This really helped, I kept getting all the world infected but couldn't kill them off before the cure was completed, but as soon as I followed your guide I beat it with ease. Thanks a bunch, hope to see more of your walkthroughs in the future.

  6. Ermahgerd, thank you so much!!!

  7. I think what makes this guide work is the choice of using the Insanity symptom. That was a really smart idea. Thanks!

  8. Thank you this has helped so much I did it in 1092 days with the cure at 38%

  9. rhanks, i did this in 1100 days with the cure at 63% 3/5 biohazards 10590 points

  10. 777 days, 13440 score and about 20% cure. Dammn was awsome to see how fast the spreading goes when its fully developped.

  11. i used this guide and did it in 1011 days! pretty useful tips.

  12. Did it in 1353 days, with 34%cure and 17990 score (brutal). But i always use these symptoms: Insomnia,Paranoia,Inflammation,Paralysis,Coma,Total Organ Failure and then Seizures and Insanity. Kills fast and slows down the cure.

  13. Thx! I did it in 084 days, 43% cute complete and 13230 score!

  14. Here's my playthrough with a bacteria on mega-brutal:


    I managed to get 5 biohazards.

  15. I followed your guide but did genetic harding and shuffling before Insanity and completed it in 928 day with 31% cure.