Plague inc. : Hide and Seek Achievement Unlock Guide/ Walkthrough

blogger The Hide and Seek achievement in Plague inc. can only be done on the Necroa Virus plague. It's categorized as a hard achievement to unlock as it requires the timely evolution of specific abilities, symptoms, or transmutations. You will need to trigger specific events in order to unlock this achievement.

It is highly recommended to attempt this at Casual difficulty in Necroa Virus.

This is the recommended gene setup:
My gene setup before starting
  • Cytochrome Surge
  • Aerocyte
  • ThermoNecro
  • Based Oxidization
  • Xerophile
Cytochrome Surge is highly recommended because you need to unlock two symptoms within 60 days. Other genes can be changed to your preferred setup.

If you don't know where it is, it's below the red bubble

1. Start at Ukraine

In order to unlocked this achievement, you will need to start at a particular country. Specifically for this achievement it's Ukraine.

2. Evolve

After selecting starting country, you'll need to quickly gather enough DNA to evolve two symptoms, Zoonotic Shift(3DNA) and Saliva 1(7DNA). You will need to acquire both within 60 days. Almost immediately a pop-up will appear.

 "Chernobyl tourists recovered from animal attackChernobyl tourist leaves hospital, 2 months after sustaining a brutal animal attack inside the exclusion zone. The animal has still not been identified"
 If you don't get this pop-up after 60 days after selecting the first country. You'll need to start over.

3. Watch the news

After the pop-up above appears, keep an eye out for news updates on the ticker. They'll appear after a few months. These news updates are:

"Chernobyl tour group attacked by wild dogs"and
"Military deployed  in Chernobyl over rabid animals"
After seeing these updates, it's on to the next step.

4. Evolve

Evolve Cytopathic Reanimation through Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, and Delirium.
This path consumes less DNA and is not as lethal as going through the other path. 

After evolving these symptoms, you have no entered the zombie apocalypse. Now what do we do next? You guessed it! Wait for another pop-up.
"[virus name] 'originated in Chernobyl'Infection patterns suggest that [virus name] originated inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone and spread through contaminated animals."
After getting this pop-up, immediately devolve
Zoonotic Shift.

After doing so, you will be greeted by yet another pop-up.
"Chernobyl animals not infected with [virus name]
Special forces unable to locate carrier animals infected with [virus name] inside Chernobyl exclusion zone. Mission aborted."

When you see this pop-up, CONGRATULATIONS! You have officially unlocked the 'Hide and Seek' achievement. You can now opt to finish the game by eradicating the humans, losing, or quitting. Either way you'll still unlock the achievement. 

Note: If you get a pop-up saying something like "Authorities can't protect from Ukraine", you will need to start over. This is usually triggered by having more than 3 million zombies in Ukraine. Don't worry about that in this guide, as you see I only have 300 thousand zombies at Ukraine by the time I finished.

Here's a shorter version of the guide:
  • Start Necroa Virus on Casual difficulty
  • Start at Ukraine
  • Evolve Saliva 1 and Zoonotic Shift
  • Pop-up appears: Chernobyl tourists recovered from animal attack
  • Watch out for two news updates
  • Evolve Cytopathic Reanimation through the insomnia tree
  • Pop-up appears: Originated in Chernobyl
  • Devolve Zoonotic Shift
  • Pop-up appears: Chernobyl animals not infected
  • Achievement unlocked!
  • Celebrate by yelling signature war cry and throwing smartphone to the floor with full force
  • Think about what you've done and immediately regret decision

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