Plague inc. : Test this! Achievement Unlock Guide/ Walkthrough


"Test this!" is an achievement that can only be unlocked by playing the Necro Virus. I consider this achievement as a hard one to unlock, mainly because it requires the evolution of a specific ability, symptom, or transmission after a certain event triggers or within a short time frame.

This guide will help you unlock this achievement as fast as possible.

This is my recommended gene setup:
Gene setup before starting

  • Cytochrome Surge
  • Aerocyte
  • ThermoNecro
  • Creationist
  • Xerophile
You can choose to experiment on these genetic codes, but I highly recommend having Cytochrome Surge. It's very helpful because you will need to upgrade two transmissions within 60 days

Ukraine is directly below the red bubble
It is highly recommended to attempt this on Casual difficulty on Necroa Virus.

Now we start the game.
  • Start in Ukraine
This is very important, events needed to unlock the achievement only appear when starting at this country

Zoonotic Shift and Saliva 1
Now we need to evolve two transmissions as soon as possible:
  • Zoonotic Shift
  • Saliva 1
You will need to upgrade these two within 60 days. 

Pop-up triggers the start of the event chain
If you succeed in evolving the two symptoms above within 60 days, a pop up should appear saying:
"Chernobyl tourist recovered from animal attackChernobyl tourist leave hospital, 2 months after sustaining a brutal animal attack inside the exclusion zone. The animal has still not been identified"
If this does not appear after 60 days after starting, you will need to restart.

These should appear months after the first pop-up
After the pop-up appears, be patient and keep eyes on the news ticker. You will need to wait for 2 news updates to move on to the next step. These 2 news updates should appear
"Chernobyl tour group attacked by wild dogs"then
"Military deployed in Chernobyl over rabid animals"
This updates usually appear after Ukraine is all the way infected so be patient. As long as the first pop-up appeared, these 2 news updates will appear.

Cytopathic Reanimation through the insomnia tree
After seeing the news above, we'll now move on and evolve symptoms.
  • Cytopathic Reanimation
I recommend going through Insomnia as shown on the image. It saves DNA and not as lethal as going through the other tree.

Zombies will now appear throughout every infected country. Again, be patient and wait for another pop-up

If this appears, the next one is sure to appear as well
After a while this pop-up should appear saying:
"[virus name] 'originated in Chernobyl'Infection patterns suggest that [virus name] originated inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone and spread through contaminated animals"
Again, if this does not appear you will need to start over. One reason for this not to appear is having more than 3 million zombies at Ukraine.

Taken from a different game so dates don't match with
previous pop-up
A few months after the pop-up above another one should appear saying:
"Chernobyl animals infected with [virus name]Carrier animals infected with [virus name] successfully captured in Chernobyl exclusion zone by special forces. Research project approved."
If the pop-up above("originated in Chernobyl") appeared, this pop-up is certain to appear after some time.
The combinations I used.
After getting the recent pop-up, it's transmission evolution time again. You can choose either one of these combinations:
  • Bat 1 and Bat 2
  • Rodent 1 and Rodent 2
  • Bird 1 and Bird 2
Either one of the combos above should be enough to get the final pop-up.

Achievement unlocked! Congratulations!
After a short while, the final pop-up should appear and should say:
"Tests on Chernobyl animals failBehavioral tests on Chernobyl animals are abandoned due to extreme aggression from subjects. Project on hold."
Congratulations! You have unlocked the "Test this!" achievement.

Note: After evolving Cytopathic Reanimation, there is a possibility of non-appearance of an event/pop-up. This happens when the zombie population of Ukraine exceeds 3 million or you get a pop up saying "Authorities can't protect from Ukraine...". But by following this guide, it rarely happens.

Here's a shorter version of the guide:
  • Start Necroa Virus on Casual
  • Start in Ukraine
  • Evolve Zoonotic Shift and Saliva within 60 days
  • Wait for pop-up: Chernobyl tourists recovered from animal attack
  • Wait for 2 news updates
  • Evolve Cytopathic Reanimation
  • Wait for pop-up: [virus name] originated in Chernobyl
  • Wait for pop-up: Chernobyl animals infected with [virus name]
  • Evolve one the following: Bat 2, Bird 2, or Rodent 2
  • Final pop-up appears: Tests on Chernobyl animals fail
  • Achievement unlocked
  • Celebrate by yelling profanities at babies 


  1. Got every popup but the last one.
    Tried Bat 1 + 2 and got: "Chernobyl Animal Tests Successful" instead.

    1. When going for all 3 paths (animals) - it just works out fine.
      Thanks again for the great guides :)

  2. Worked like a charm