Guess what.

blogger I recently found out that Ndemic Creations released a Plague Inc. game for the PC through steam, called Plague Inc.: Evolved. It's still on early access and lacks some features. I plan to get it some time soon once I have enough cash and maybe even do some guides. It's still on early access so I guess I'll stick to completing my Plague Inc. guides for the app version first then move onto this one. Another added game to my list that I intend to make guides for. As of this moment these are the games I plan to make guides for:

South Park: Stick of Truth
Plague Inc: Evolved

A really short list I know, I'd do console games but I don't have any(Tears for the poor guy). I think I'll go after Plague Inc: Evolved first though. Since I haven't really tried it out yet. Hope Ndemic releases the full version of the game soon, and I hope I have enough cash to get it.

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