New Guides Coming Up...Soon

blogger My guide on the Nipah Virus is coming up next on my guide-to-do-list, but I've been having some troubles looking for a working strategy. My usual way of finding a strategy is to first find a way to win consistently and work my way up from there. But this scenario relies too much on mutations because most of its transmissions are zoonotic, which cause random mutations. Genetic Shifts are also a problem, as always. I'll keep working on a way to find the best strategy possible.

Another guide I'm lining up next is an addition to the Artificial Organs scenario. I was only able to make a guide for Bacteria and Virus, I completely forgot about adding a guide for the five other plagues. So next up should be Fungus-which just happens to be just as confusing as Nipah Virus.

So there you go, an update for those of you waiting for the next guide to show up.

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