Plague Inc. Countries List and a Guide on Country Infection

Above is a list of every country available for plague infection and slaughter in Plague Inc. The availability of a harbor and airport, climate, and the countries population are all listed here. Use this table if you want to have some ideas about every country.

The most suggested countries to start in are those which have high population, an airport and harbor, and balanced climate. The reason why you want to start in a high populated country is simple, you want to infect a lot of people at the start. Doing so will make the plague be able to infect ships and airplanes at a high rate. Even when ships and planes are sterilized, there's still a fair chance of infecting them if the country they come from is infected with a lot of people.

My suggested starting countries are China and India, these two countries are the only ones I choose to start plagues in. In my experience, starting in either of these countries infect different set of countries. By this I mean that starting in China would make it easier to infect countries in Europe, and starting in India makes it easier to infect countries in Africa. There's still the matter of correctly evolving resistances to boost this but in my games this is what typically happens.

Some achievements also require you to start your plague in specific countries. Ukraine, Russia, and China are some examples of countries that unlock achievements when a plague in started in them. That's no the only thing, though. You'd still need to accomplish specific tasks such as evolving symptoms and waiting for triggered events.

Rich countries such as USA, Canada, and most of the European countries are hard to infect. This is primarily because their medicines are far more advance than poor countries(obviously). Evolving Drug Resistances and the corresponding climate resistance helps infect rich countries faster. Upon infection these countries will most likely reduce infection rates right away(you'll get a prompt saying something like infection is being slowed). Thus making it somewhat mandatory to evolve resistances right away, without resistances you'll notice your infection rates slowing down to a crawl.

Hot and Cold countries aren't really hard to spread infections in but having the right resistances makes it a whole lot quicker to infect them. Countries like Russia and some African countries would slow down infection rates because of their climate. Starting in China makes it quicker to infect the cold European countries especially by having cold resistances but you'll be having a hard time with Hot countries(those in the African continent, to be specific). While starting in India will make it quicker to infect African based countries even without heat resistance but it'll be harder to infect countries in Europe. I actually have no basis for this, I just thought to share this information to you since this always happens in all of my games.

Isolated island countries that only have one point of entry, such as Greenland and Madagascar, require ships to infect them. The water transmission and Aquacyte gene ability would greatly help in infecting these countries quicker. Ships and planes have specific routes and you'll need to have infected the country where the ship originates from. I don't know the specific routes yet but ships headed to Madagascar originates in the Asian continent and ships headed to Greenland originate in the European continent. Again, starting in either China or India also indicates which of these island countries you'll likely infect first. In my games, starting in China almost always infects Greenland first and starting in India would infect Madagascar after a few months.

Countries that have no airport or harbor are only infected by their neighboring countries. The closing of land borders are these countries only defense against infection, and they aren't even that effective. These countries aren't really something to worry about. Once their neighboring countries are fully infected, a plague almost always infect close countries right away.

Certain plague abilities, specifically Necroa Virus' zombies and Neurax Worm's trojan planes, removes the need for point of entries(harbors and airports). Zombies are able to break land borders and cross the ocean to infect an island country. Trojan planes, on the other hand, are able to fly anywhere even places without airports. That being said, trojan planes are obviously much more superior.

I guess that's it. I hope I covered all the basics for you. If you have other questions or have some tips I should add to this guide, post them at the comments below and share them with us. Happy spicy gaming!

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