6 days left..

blogger Hey there guys! If you've been waiting for more guides to be posted, I'm going to resume posting guides daily on June 8th(GMT+8). I'll be doing my very best to make sure that a guide, or two, will be posted daily from June 8 onward.

My current game focus is still on Plague Inc.(The mobile version) and will continue to be my main focus until I'm satisfied that I've covered every plague, scenario, and achievement. It isn't going to be easy so any help will be very much appreciated.

If you want to help me out(with plague inc.) or make a guide for a completely different game, send me an email on ic.sibulo@yahoo.com. I'm open on any discussions about games and game guides. Any questions will also be answered by contacting me through my email address.

Thanks for reading our game guides, and keep checking this site for more guides.


  1. May I apply for co-editor? Also I am enjoying your guide

    1. Hey there Jacob,

      Can you email me a sample of a guide you made?


    2. I'll just link you to one I made.

    3. Also if I would join I would still produce strategy guides on my blog but I will also post them on here. I would also might do a Clash of Clans guide and a possible Pocket God guide.

  2. http://plagueincstrategy.blogspot.com/

  3. Here is one I made

  4. I will talk on email as this is filling the comment page.