Focus is Currently on...

My current guide focus right now is the much-requested Nipah Virus. Yes, I've already achieved those hard-to-earn 3 mega-brutal biohazards, but the thing is, I've only been able to do this twice. Pure luck, I guess.

My main problem with my current strategy is that it kills too slow. At the late stages of the game, I always find myself hoping for more DNA to evolve lethal symptoms. Similar to my other guides on scenarios like Nipah(e.g. Frozen Virus, Black Death, Swine Flu), the strategy is also heavily affected by mutations; I think mutations on this scenario have much more impact on its success.

I've taken quite a long break from this scenario, but now all my attention is focused towards making a guide for it. Expect a guide soon, no definite time frame, though. I'll release the guide as soon as I feel that the strategy has a fair enough rate of success.

I'm open to discussions and tips anyone might have on this scenario. You can comment them here or email me personally.


  1. A little update on how things are going with the strategy:

    I think I've found the fastest way to spread the virus. The problem on slow kill rate still seems to persist and I still find myself short on DNA at the late stages of the game. I have no problems infecting every country but the current strategy always takes more than 365 days to finish. Mutations are still a big factor in success, though.

    The current I'm strategy I'm still perfecting has won 1 game out of 15 with 3 biohazards at the end.

  2. This is a mobile test comment. -spicy

  3. What was your starting strategy. I'd like to know so I can work on it myself. Its the last thing left for me

  4. Have you got 3 biohazard with Bacterial on Global Warming - Mega Brutal? How

  5. Another update.

    Apparently, not only do you have to finish within 365 days, you also need the cure completion to be below 55%(I think?)

    I had a game where I finished within 356 days with a cure completion of 56%. The Score total was at 64,436, that's 600 points away from a 3 biohazard finish. This just gets harder and harder.

  6. Here is how i beat it
    Atp boost,aqua,sympto,darwinist,extremophile
    Bat 2,coughing,nausea,vomiting,sneezing,oedema,resp shift,haemoptysis,max bat and swine.Cold,drug 1/2,heat 1/2,env hardening.Hendra traits,horse 1/2.All rest cheap non highly lethal symtoms,except memory loss coma and hallucinations/you need them for later whe cure progress is high/.When all islands are infected /not fully infected/evolve pulmonary haemorrhage and watch kazakhstan cuz they tend to be with slowest inf rate.When half of people are infected go resp failure, menigitis and encephalitis.Memory loss coma and hallucinations/if you are lucky and they havent mutated yet/ plus reshuffles to get cure progress down.Won 2out of five with 345 days and 42% cure progress being my best.Would have better succes rate if i havent evolved the last three lethal symptoms too early.

  7. This has been included in our nipah guide. Thanks for sharing your strategy!