Joining The Ndemic Creations Forum

blogger As some of you people know I am called PlagueIncFan on the Ndemic Creations forums....

    If anyone has any questions that you would like answered on the forums that is not directly related to any scenarios feel free to contact me on the forums. I have already posted our smallpox guide. We have "infected" the forums and currently have over 250,000 page views as of this posting. I am glad that you are enjoying our guides. Spicy currently is planning a Nipah Virus guide and I am planning on continuing the Necroa virus origin stories with the Pyramid of Giza origin stories. More plague combo guides are on their way.

   In general if anyone wants to contact me that is not directly related to the guide at hand please contact me at PlagueIncStrategy@gmail.com or contact my Ndemic Creations account by clicking here. Some of it is simply links to our guides but some of the things may be helping other people complete it and getting suggestions from people and other such things.

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