Plague Inc: Overhall of Black Death Plague Inc Scenarios and Mirror Earth Scenarios Coming (Must Read)

blogger As some of you know currently the Black Death scenario guide has an extremely low chance of actually working at the moment as usually one of two things are currently occuring at the moment.

Usually one of two things happen currently with the guide we have posted.

  • One or two island countries do not get infected
  • They do but it takes so long that you get 2 Biohazards
 I will try to update the Black Death guide or make a different post from the original guide to make sure that it actually works. Spicy is not going to help me do this to my knowledge so I will be working independent of him for the time being on the Black Death guide (ONLY). I will try to contact Spicy as soon as I can to update the guide with him. I will possibly post a Mirror Earth guide today and be making game reviews. It is possible that a full Black Death and Nipah Scenario guide comes out in the next week or two but this is currently speculation. A possible mega-brutal smallpox guide might come out in the future but there doesn't seem to be a known way to stall smallpox research and the cure. It is possible that the white pox regression ability may help but currently the smallpox guide is going into the back burner until the other guides are completed at least for me. Unless Spicy didn't tell me it seems like a smallpox guide won't be coming quickly. Don't be worried as other scenario guides will continue to go on at a subnormal-normal pace for the next two weeks but it might be slower than usual.

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