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Above: Minecraft Logo 
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   Minecraft the blocky Indie game made by Markus Persson (Called Notch by Minecraft Players) was publicly released in May 17, 2009 to generally positive reviews. The question most people are asking is does it live up to the hype? Read on below to find out if it lived up to the hype or if it was overrated.

   What is there to review about the blocky world of Minecraft? Not much and that is the beauty.  First of all lets review the blocks and the graphics in fact the low quality graphics is in fact charming and it is part of what makes it stick to your memory. In fact I can see why Markus Persson did so. It takes a lot less processing power and also gives it charm also. I have to praise Notch for what he did to make sure he could keep processing power low but not seem forced. The blocky graphics of Minecraft seem to one of the best ways to do that.

Pictured Above: A Minecraft grass block

Critics and fans have criticized the lack of tutorials but I think that is part of what gives the world of Minecraft its fun. The fun in learning to make bricks and the like was actually part of what made the world of Minecraft fun to explore. The reason for this is you would always be wondering what blocks you could make and build. In fact it wouldn't even be a slight drawback to me, it might even be a plus.

   This brings us to the crafting system which is both complex yet incredibly simple at the exact same time. You can build torches and shovels in the like which makes it incredibly fun to make it all even if it is incredibly simple at the exact same time. The crafting system is one of the best parts of the game.  

   The downsides of Minecraft is few and far inbetween but there are some such as glitches such as visible light at night when there is no light source around. There is also a problem of only a few handful of mobs but they are adding more and more as time goes on so it is barely a thing to complain about. It was a valid thing to be worried about in Alpha and the Beta version of Minecraft but Minecraft has clearly outgrown that stage. 

   Overall Minecraft is a incredibly fun game that everyone must play at least once. In fact once I didn't even want to get dinner because I was making a wooden house inside the side of a mountain and a mining shaft below the house. The fact is that because there are no-goals of Minecraft makes it incredibly addicting and fun at the same time. If you haven't gotten the game I would highly recommend it. In summary Minecraft is a memorable add-on to the PC world and will not be forgotten from its blocky graphics to its open-ended gameplay which allows massive creativity for years to come. For this reason I give Minecraft a.........



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