Plague Inc. Mirror Earth Scenario: Bacteria Mega-Brutal (3 Biohazards) Guide & Walkthrough


 Mirror Earth is a scenario in Plague Inc in which hot becomes cold and the like. In fact it is one of the best scenarios in my opinion of Plague Inc. The trouble like in the other scenarios is to get Greenland and the island countries infected. Unlike most of Spicy's current mega-brutal guides I did not have any problem with the genetic shifts. The majority of the problems is just getting the island countries infected for the most part. A great place to start out in Mirror Earth is in the United States of America called the USA on the Plague Inc map. I prefer the United States but some people prefer England. For this guide please start in the United States. This should if all the island countries get infected net you 3 out of 3 Biohazards on Mega-Brutal. This should be one of the guides in which you should be able to infect all the countries easily compared to the Black Death or the coming Smallpox scenarios for Plague Inc. Remember to evolve in the exact order. The guide and walkthrough may not work if you do not follow the exact steps as I will show you.

 Now the guide, lets start with the Gene Setup 
  • DNA Gene: ATP Boost
  • Travel Gene: Native Biome
  • Evolution Gene: Sympto-Stasis
  • Mutation Gene: Genetic Mimic
  • Environment Gene: Extremophile

      1.) Before we begin to infect the United States of America
  • Evolve Cysts
  • Evolve Abscesses
  • Evolve Coughing 
      2.) Please evolve these symptoms as fast as you can. At this point infect the United States of America..
  • Evolve Rash
  • Evolve Sweating
  • Evolve Skin Lesions
      3.) Continue to evolve these infectious symptoms. The reason we are doing this is in mega-brutal your disease will be spotted anyway as blood tests will always discover your disease. The reason to evolve this many symptoms as we have sympto-stasis which makes sure that the costs of evolving symptoms doesn't go up. It is also cheaper DNA point wise to spend DNA on symptoms then it is to spend it on Transmissions for your disease. The only way in which the countries tend to close their borders in mass is when the disease becomes lethal. So sympto-stasis in this case tends to help a lot then you would think. I would highly recommend to de-evolve any lethal symptoms until I tell you to evolve them. Do not worry if your disease gets noticed, it should be taken notice of. In Plague Inc also Native Biome also helps wonders as it speeds up the spread of the disease in the country. Thank you so we shall continue on part 3 of our detailed guide and walkthrough to beating the mirror earth scenario on mega-brutal for 3 biohazards for the game Plague Inc.

We will continue to evolve more symptoms.
  • Evolve Sneezing
  • Evolve Anaemia
  • Evolve Haemophilia
  • Evolve Nausea
  • Evolve Vomiting
  • Evolve Pneumonia
  • Evolve Hyper Senitivity
  • Evolve Insomnia
  • Evolve Paranoia
      4.) By this point your disease should of infected all of the United States and be spreading to other countries. Again, I will repeat it do not worry if your disease is spotted it should be at this point. Your disease should also be spreading to other countries some of whom are cold so we will be evolving cold resistance I and cold resistance II at this point. So we will go back to the guide now.
  • Evolve Cold Resistance I
  • Evolve Cold Resistance II
      5.) We will now be evolving transmissions as they will help the disease spread to the island countries in which in Plague Inc are always hardest to infect even in Mirror Earth. It will also spread the disease faster and complete the game in less days then we would otherwise.
  • Evolve Water I
  • Evolve Water II
  • Evolve Air I
  • Evolve Air II 
      6.) At this point your disease should be spreading to countries with good antibiotics in which your plague will have a hard time adapting and spreading. In light of this we will evolve. We will also be evolving genetic hardening I and genetic hardening II as cure research should now pick up.
  • Evolve Drug Resistance I
  • Evolve Genetic Hardening I
  • Evolve Genetic Hardening II
  • Evolve Drug Resistance II 
     7.) We should at this point be evolving somewhat lethal and infectious symptoms due to the fact that the world is starting to wake up anyway and we have to finish soon to get 3 Biohazards.
  • Evolve Diarrhoea
  • Evolve Pulmonary Oedema
  • Evolve Pulmonary Fibrosis
     8.) This is by far the part where you have the most chance to fail and this is where we start to evolve deadly symptoms so if a island country shuts down all of their ports and the country is not infected start over you have lost. This has a somewhat likely chance of happening.
  • Evolve Necrosis
  • Evolve Dysentery
      9.) At this point we will evolve Extreme Bioaerosol in order to speed up the spreading of the disease before the ports such down and due to the fact that we have to finish fast.
  • Evolve Extreme Bioaerosol
     10.) At this point we will evolve Heat Resistance I and Heat Resistance II to help the disease spread faster.
  • Evolve Heat Resistance I
  • Evolve Heat Resistance II
     11.) At this point pour in the lethality with total organ failure an hemorrhagic shock and watch the cure research grind to a halt. We should evolve be prepared to evolve paralysis and coma due to it slowing down the progression the cure made. Do not evolve paralysis or coma yet! 
  • Evolve Total Organ Failure
  • Evolve Hemorrhagic Shock
    12.) At this point we should evolve as many cure slowing symptoms as we can so we shall evolve. Evolve these when the population of the earth is extremely low (1-5 Million) or as close to the end as you can make it without the loading screen popping up. At this point feel free to evolve paralysis and coma. Evolve Genetic Shuffle I, Genetic Shuffle II, and Genetic Shuffle III to improve your high score. For most of the games I wasn't able to evolve all 3 of the genetic reshuffles, that being said it is no big problem. Also if all the world is infected I would suggest de-evolving transmission symptoms as you get 2 DNA points each and that can be a big help if you are only 2 DNA points from getting a Genetic Reshuffle. Also, I would suggest to de-evolve an ability or two that is NOT a genetic reshuffle I would recommend the cold and heat resistances abilities.
  • Evolve Paralysis
  • Evolve Coma
  • Evolve Genetic Reshuffle I (If Possible)
  • Evolve Genetic Reshuffle II (If Possible)
  • Evolve Genetic Reshuffle III (If Possible) 
If this guide worked properly you should get 295-325 days and 20%-45% cure progress and around 650,000-800,000 total score. Congratulations on the 3 Biohazards! If you are curious about other Plague Inc scenario guides and achievements check out more of the pages in this blog. So enjoy your 3 Biohazards! This article was written by Jake. Please if you have questions feel free to ask in the comment selection below. Before I leave remember Greenland is still hard to infect in this mode and it all depends on luck. If you did not infect Greenland remember to start over. If you did infect Greenland and won the game you now have 3 Biohazards and a smile on your face.


  1. Thanks! I switched it up a bit because I failed the first time. But, this worked great as a start up, I finished in 298 days with %12 cure using a virus.

    1. It will only work for bacteria. I am not sure about the other plague types.

  2. It will only work for bacteria

  3. Great! It works! On IOS. Also works for Who Cares scenario, but I starded in China. Thanks!