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The Darkwater origin story is one of the four origin stories of the Necroa Virus in the video game Plague Inc. In this origin story the Necroa Virus is a escaped Darkwater biological weapon that was created in their weapons facility. It then spread out of their facilities and into the general population. The story branches out depending on how you evolve your disease. You can get this origin story by starting in the United States of America and evolving Drug Resistance I and Saliva I in under 60 days. Before I give out how your disease and how the story can be different for different people I would like to note that Darkwater from information that is provided from the game is a private miltary contractor that in the world of Plague Inc. works with the United States government in weapons. For the first couple of pop-ups the story is linear but it branches out later.

  The first sign that you have unlocked this origin story is you will see a pop up saying that Darkwater is 'concerned' for their missing geneticist.
Above Reads: DarkWater, a private military contractor, expands the global manhunt for their missing geneticist by announcing a reward of $10M for information leading to their recovery.

At this point Darkwater is concerned for their missing geneticist. You should again see another pop-up about Darkwater denying a containment breach in weapons facility.

 Later you should again get a message about how Darkwater's weapons facility is shut down over security fears.

 At this point you can choose how the story goes. 

There are numerous achievements that can be unlocked for the Darkwater origin story. There are currently 3 achievements (There are currently 3 ways also to go that get an achievement. There is one ending that gives you no achievement that will be covered below.) for this origin story.

Non-Starter Achievement 

There are an alternate way it could end such as following the Big Bang Achievement guide up to (but not including) part 7 which will give you the popup that says

Picture coming soon

Above: DarkWater's Z-Rest device a success 

Alternate event- Tests show Z-Rest Device gives significant combat advantage vs. zombies and reduces their severity. Darkwater begins full scale production and global distribution. 

It is also to note that if you do not allow the Darkwater facility to close down none of the pop-ups to my knowledge will open and the 3 resulting achievements being impossible to unlock unless you restart the game.

It is important to note that if Darkwater Z-Rest device is a success goes that way even if you are on most difficulties your plague will be wiped out most likely. I hope you enjoyed my coverage of the Darkwater Origin story. If a  pop-up that was missed please feel free to add it in the comments below.

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