Plague Inc: Getting Colder Achievement Guide


The Getting Colder Achievement in Plague Inc is an achievement that can only be unlocked by playing with the plague type called the Necroa Virus. It is one of the three Pyramid of Giza achievements origin stories achievements in Plague Inc. With this guide, we'll get the achievement easily. Events that lead to the unlocking of this achievement are triggered by starting in Egypt and evolving Saliva I and Heat Resistance I within 60 days. I would highly recommend starting on causal as it makes unlocking the achievement so much easier. I would also like to add that it is possible on higher difficulties but it is highly not recommended. So now lets move on to the guide.

Recommended Gene Setup:
DNA Gene: ATP boost
Travel Gene: Aquacyte
Necroa Virus Gene: Dopamine Inhibitor
 Mutation Gene: Genetic Mimic
Environment Gene: Extremophile

1.) Start in Egypt
2.) The coming things that we will evolve will lead to the unlocking of the story in which you can get the achievement. (Just starting in Egypt DOES NOT unlock the required story to get this achievement.) If a pop-up does not trigger please restart. Please follow this exact order to unlock the story.
  • Evolve Saliva I
  • Evolve Heat Resistance I
If this worked a message should pop-up saying....

Above: Exploration of Secret Tomb in Pyramid of Giza Continues.
Archeologists mark 60 days since the discovery of a secret tomb inside the Pyramid of Giza and plan to go deeper into the tomb.

3.) If the pop-up titled (Exploration of Secret Tomb in Pyramid of Giza Continues) did not unlock after around 3 months after the starting time of your plague RESTART and try again. Now pay attention to the news banner of Plague Inc. and DO NOT EVOLVE ANYTHING until these two messages on the news banner pop-up.

Message #1 on the news banner reads Pyramid of Giza hieroglyphs 'warn of ancient plague'
Message #2 on the news banner reads Mummy from Pyramid of Giza tomb has 'odd bite marks'


Once both are popped up we will start part 4.

4.) Once both come up...

  • Evolve Insomnia
  • Evolve Fever
  • Evolve Photophobia
  • Evolve Delirium
5.) At this point prepare to evolve zombies and the fun should be about to begin.

  • Evolve Cytopathic Reanimation
                 6.) At this point zombies should begin to form and save up DNA points. Be ready to evolve horde abilities.

  • Evolve Horde Instinct
  • Evolve Horde Mentality
  • Evolve Horde Vocalisation
  • Evolve Horde Pheromones     
  • Evolve Structured Travel
  • Evolve Drifting Fermentation (If you are playing to win the game evolve this)
                7.) At this point you are waiting for a pop-up that says <Disease Name may have come from Pyramid of Giza.>. Before you do that if you see Egypt having more then 4 million infected use your horde instinct and move it to a neighboring country. If  Egypt gets populated by more than 4 million zombies, a pop-up saying "Authorities can't protect from Egypt..." may appear. IF THAT HAPPENS RESTART AT PART 1. Now continue to wait until the pop-up below pops.

Pop-up title: <Disease Name> may have come from Pyramid of Giza
Archeologists say that <Disease Name> may have escaped from a secret tomb inside The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Once that has popped up move on to part 8.

8.) As soon as you see the above pop-up title <Disease Name> may have come from Pyramid of Giza. DEVOLVE HEAT RESISTANCE I. PLEASE DEVOLVE TO GET THE ACHIEVEMENT! Continue to evolve after that.
  • Devolve Heat Resistance I 
  • Evolve Cold Resistance I 
  • Evolve Cold Resistance II
9.) Continue to wait until this pop-up message appears.

Picture Coming Soon

Above Title: <Disease Name> DNA disproves Giza link
Note: Picture Provided by Spicy

Pop-Up Text: DNA tests do not support theory that <Disease Name> came from The Great Pyramid of Giza. Resources for expedition to investigate tomb denied.

You have won! You should of now had the achievement popped. This guide was made by Jake. You can contact me at Plagueincstrategy@gmail.com. I am currently doing Plague Inc and game reviews.


  1. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 15, 2014 at 1:36 AM


  2. Hi Spicy! Your guides are great, thanks. This worked for me but I had a couple issues.
    1) The news reel never said anything about Egyptian heiroglyphics warning of ancient virus. I was checking the news obsessively so I know it never showed up. But the "strange bite marks" did show up. I waited almost a month to see if the other would show up, although it never did. So I decided to keep on with the guide anyway and see if it would still work.

    2) my symptoms kept evolving very rapidly for some reason, and I kept devolving because your guide seems adamant in waiting for all required pop ups. After devolving 4 times, I decided I wasn't going to blow over 40 DNA and I just let the mutations do their thing. So my disease was spotted before the pop ups, and I just allowed the mutations to mutate freely and once again, wondered if it would still work.

    3) I didn't have enough DNA to evolve Cold 2 thanks to all the devolving I did, and the cost of devolving Heat 1 to be 12 DNA, but it all worked out!

    I got the achievement WITHOUT evolving cold 2, without getting both pop ups, and with allowing the disease to mutate freely.

    I'm guessing the only real thing that would affect it would be cytopathic reanimation mutating before required pop ups.