Plague Inc Myth Guide Overview and Home Page

blogger The point of the Plague Inc myth guides is to debunk and to explain common myths about Plague Inc. For the most part I would heavily recommend for people to read this. The reason for this is it could be holding anyone back and they may of not simply known. I would like to note that the myth number that you find on the pages is based on the order published and not respective of topic. It is important to note that this guide may be updated as time goes on and I would heavily recommend you check this page as time goes on and guides and pages get updated.
  •  Beginning and General Misconceptions (Highly Recommended For Beginners)
I killed most of the world but did not win?
  • Countries and Myths Information (Highly Recommended for Speed Runners)
Should I Start in Greenland in Mega-Brutal?

More Myth Guides will be coming soon and come back later as more get published.

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