Plague Inc Myth #2: I killed most of the world but my disease lost the game. Is my game glitched?

blogger In the game Plague Inc this is the one of the most common complaints about the game and is actually has one of the most simple answers. This is usually not a problem I suspect in the older players but I have

The Myth Debunked: In Plague Inc no matter which of the 4 difficulties you choose to play your game no matter if it is casual, normal, brutal, or mega-brutal it still requires you to kill every single person in the game and enslave them in the case of the neurax worm plague. Another alternate is  to turn them all into neanderthals in the scenario called the frozen virus. Back on the point it is not possible for you to win unless you kill, enslave, or turn them all into neanderthals. I would like to note that only the first one that is killing is possible in most scenarios. It is possible to kill or enslave people with the neurax worm and you can turn people into neanderthals or kill everyone in the frozen virus scenario. While you may of killed most of the world you did not kill all countries and everyone in them and therefore did not win the game.

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