Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] PfiGlax Achievements Guide

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Spicy's Comments: Have not fully checked this guide yet so be sure to give the original author some comments to further improve his/her guide. I have not made any significant changes to the submitted guide; I simply fixed it structure and some spelling errors.

First of all, the messages in the game I write about are translated from my German version, so please excuse if the wording is not exactly the same what you might see in the English version.

To get these achievements you have to follow a special order of actions.
Start Necroa Virus in United Kingdom. I suggest normal difficulty. Gene code: ATP Boost, Creationist, Native biome and Urbophile.

Evolve "Segemented genome" and "Saliva 1". This has to happen in the first 2 months. If not, start over again. Wait for a Pop-up saying: "PfiGlax: success for AIDS cure"

Then you have to wait for news in the ticker "PfiGlax has problems with virus mutations" and "PfiGlax Executive Board sell their stocks".
Sometimes the news aren't displayed in the ticker so keep checking all of the news by clicking on the news bar.

Save DNA (45) and evolve symptoms from "Insomnia" to "Cytopathic Reanimation" and wait for Pop-up "PfiGlax linked to disease"
This is the common trunk for all three achievements. For each of them you now have to go different paths:

1. Achievement "Due Diligence": 
Evolve "Genetic Reshuffle 1 + 2". Wait for Pop-up saying that there's no link between the disease and PfiGlax and you got it.

2. Achievement "Banana Skin": 
Wait until the next Pop-up appears saying that there the link between PfiGlax and disease has been confirmed. Now evolve "Drug Resistance 1 + 2", "Genetic Hardening", "Genetic Reshuffle 1 + 2" and "Autolytic Decay" up to "Liquefactive Resistance" äs gar as you have DNA left. You will get the achievement with a message telling that the disease could not be manipulated by PfiGlax.

3. Achievement "Don't ask me": 
Ignore the pop-ups until one appears telling that a modification of the disease was made by PfiGlax. Now evolve "Cold Resistance 1", "Heat Resistance 1", "Mummification" and "Autolytic Decay" up to "Liquefactive Resistance". When a Pop-up appears telling that the modification project failed you're done.

Good luck!

Credits and thanks to mace for submitting this guide.


  1. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 15, 2014 at 2:38 AM

    In the English game, it zays 'PfiGlax executives in huge shares sell off'. You can complete these even if zombies destroy the UK. All three achievements unlocked. Thank you very much! ^~^

  2. Maximilian PlenertJune 19, 2015 at 4:39 AM

    I failed serveral times to evolve "Segemented genome" and "Saliva 1" within 2 months, it's just a matter of luck. You should harvest DNA as much as possible before you start to reanimate the dead, you will need them to get the achievement.