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blogger For the past week(days), I, spicy, was very busy on personal stuff(work, life, all that) that's why I haven't been able to write guides. The work schedule for the past week hasn't been kind to me, at all.

I think it's the same for the other guide-making authors as well.

Thanks to all those people who have submitted their own guides, and to the newest authors of our team who continue to provide content while I was busy.

Hopefully, I'd be back on continued guide making in the upcoming days. I'll first be focusing my attention to Simian Flu Mega-brutal then back to scenarios. People have been asking if Simian Flu in mega-brutal is possible, it is. I actually have been able to get 3 biohazards on Unknown Origin and Created Equal. I'll be releasing guides on it soon--I think I won on pure luck.

We still need more authors to add to our team, so if you're interested, apply to us now! Plague Inc. doesn't need to be your main guide-focus, we actually need more authors to write guides for other games.

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  1. For those looking for an easy-to-follow 5 bio Mega Brutal Simian Flu guide, I have tested more than a dozen times with 100% success rate including a run where 4 labs spawned in countries with no infected apes. It can be found here and feed back is appreciated: http://icspicy.blogspot.com/2014/07/plague-incsubmitted-guide-simian-flu_4235.html

  2. Can you share what strat u have used to get three bios in scenarios?

  3. Right now I am trying to get 3 biohazard in every scenario with every plague in mega brutal. Beat all of them with the Neurax and None of them with the Simian Flu.

    Here is things as they stand:

    Unknown Origin: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Nipah: Ok
    Frozen Virus: ok
    Artificial Organs: ok
    Global Warming: I think this is the hardest one, only beat it with Neurax
    Sovereign Default: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Volcanic Ashes: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Created Equal: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Golden Age: Beat it with the regular plagues and Neurax, still missing Necroa and Simian Flu
    Ice Age: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Mirror Earth: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Shut Down Everything: This one is tough too, did it with the Neurax and Necroa, missing Simian Flu and the Regular Plagues
    Swine Flu: ok
    Black Death: ok
    Pirate Plague: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu (using the glitch that allows ships to run free)
    Who cares: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu
    Small Pox: ok
    Xenophobie: Beat it with all the plagues but Simian Flu

    Soo I would love to see guides for regular plagues in the Global Warming and Shut Down Everything scenario, anything that can get 365 days with the simian Flu and some Necroa Guides as well (I've been using your strategy for the Unknow Scenario with Teracycle and I've been evolving Blood 2 before Canibalism, sometimes when the airport infection is not as fast as I'd wanted to buy the planes time)

  4. For golden age start in egypt.
    Atp boost,teracyte,symtostatis,darwinist,extremophile.
    Anaemia,haemophilia,rash,sweating,skin leasion.
    Drug 1/2,air and water 1/2,cysts,abscesses,coughing,sneezing,hyper sensivity.
    Cold 1/2,heat 1/2,enviromental hardening,fever,immune suppression
    You may need to evolve livestock 1/2 if russia infection is going slow.
    Watch island countries,devolve if some highly lethal symtom evole, and when all of them are infected evolve most lethal symtom you can,if you are lucky you'll get atleast necrosis or TOF before shifts go high.Depending on cure progress use dna for more lethality or reshufles.After few tries you'll get it.So far this worked for me with bacteria,virus,prion and parasite,but i'm pretty sure it will with nano and bioweapon too.
    For fungus replace tera with native biome and symtostatis with pathostatis.Max spore abilities early,but not until you have few symtoms that increase severity enough to get +3,4 dna per country.Rest is pretty much the same.Hope this will help you :).