Plague Inc. Unknown Origin: Necroa Virus Guide

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It is not easy to get 3 biohazards on mega-brutal with the Necroa Virus. You will have to finish within 375 days(this is speculation).

There is only one strategy that I've used for this scenario that has successfully worked and it only works if you start in Saudi Arabia. I was not able to test the strategy on different countries.

Click here for the strategy to be used in this scenario.

Saudi Arabia is the only known country that this strategy will work on. That being said, you have to quit and restart a new game until you are able to be placed in Saudi Arabia as your starting country.

By using this strategy, I was able to finish with these stats at the end of the game.
As you can see, finishing within 373 days gets those 3 biohazards for the Necroa Virus. The cure progress affects the score by a bit, but it doesn't have as much influence in it compared to the time taken in finishing the game. 373 days scores with 66,684, so I guess finishing within 375 days is a reasonable speculation of the required time to end the game.

The main key to this strategy is being able to effectively move zombie hordes. Z-Com still plays a big role in slowing down your finishing time. As much as possible, you'd want to destroy their base and prevent them from erecting new ones.

Patience is also needed since you won't always be able to start in Saudi Arabia. Also, events like the sterilization for ships affect how fast you are able to finish the game. In the screenshot above, I was unlucky enough to get the sterilization of ships and had to infect countries that should have been infected if the event did not happen, but I was still able to finish within the time required and get the 3 biohazard score.

I chose to link the strategy instead of copy-pasting it here, so people who're playing on a normal non-scenario game could post some insights and tips on the strategy they might have which could be used in the scenario as well. So be sure to checkout the comments to see if people have posted some information that could help out.

If you guys have a better strategy, please post them at the comments below or send them directly to us via our submit section. I hope this guide has somehow helped you in getting those 3 biohazards in mega-brutal difficulty. HSG!

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  1. Worked brilliantly ! I was having troubles with the starting country (most of the time the game would finish in 11 days with no starting country and a message saying that the disease killed all the hosts) and I've never managed to get Saudi Arabia but was able to pull it off with Egypt using the same exact strategy in 371 days in 30% cure progress