Plague Inc. Unknown Origin Scenario Mega-Brutal Guides

The Unknown Origin scenario has to be one of the easiest scenarios available in Plague Inc. right now. This scenario is just like any other normal plague type game, all that's different is you start in random country. This could easily be countered by quitting and starting another game until you start in the country you want. It may take time but it's still the easiest route there is.

If you like challenges though, you could try and finish a game from wherever you're started. A word of advice, rich and cold countries are the hardest.

In this scenario, you will be able to use the seven basic plague types including the two special plagues(Necroa and Neurax). Like I said, this scenario is just like any normal game, but with your starting country chosen for you.

For me, the best country to start in will always be India, since it's-, as the game describes, poor, hot,and humid. It also has close to a billion people in it and has a harbor and an airport. China is also another great country to start in. Starting in China somehow makes it easier to infect Greenland and Iceland--the two island countries that cause great frustration in every game.

Here are a list of guides I've made for every plague type, each aiming for 3 biohazards in a mega-brutal difficulty game:
Note: These guides will also work well for any normal game, since you will be able to select your origin country.


  1. Idk if it's a good idea to make a Necroa Guide for Unknown Origin. The scoring system for Necroa seems to be the same as all the other Plagues. Now, you know how hard it is to beat Necroa on Mega Brutal. Doing it in within a year? That's pretty much impossible, unless you continuously abuse the save mechanic of the computer version and get super lucky with mutations.

  2. I haven't tested it out yet, but I think the "365 days" rule for scenarios doesn't really apply to Necroa--since you have to turn people to zombies and all that.

    Finishing Necroa Virus in a year, huh? Challenge accepted..(and will mostly fail)

  3. Well.. I think I've done it. Not exactly within 365 days, but within 375 I think. Necroa Virus on Mega-Brutal difficulty in a scenario with a 3 biohazard finish.

  4. I beat it following the guide. I'd say it's a perfectly good idea to make a Necroa Guide. Just before you constantly reload trying to get a good starting country I'd suggest practicing it in normal play first. That way when you finally get Saudi Arabia (or I guess Egypt works too?) you'll actually get it.

    My advice for that is don't play the game fast forwarded and pause often when moving zombies around. It saves so many days.