Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Simian Flu Mega-Brutal Guide: 5 Biohazard Strategy

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Spicy's comments: The more strategies, the better chances right? Here's a guide submitted by Sketch that helped him get a 4/5 biohazard score on mega-brutal difficulty on the Simian Flu. Please remember to comment and give some feedback on this guide for its improvement.

Sketch’s Simian Flu Mega-Brutal 4 Bio Guide(Outdated)

Sketch’s Simian Flu Mega-Brutal 5 Biohazard Guide

The basic strategy here is to infect the apes and then use them to infect the humans. I’ll try to make everything else clear as we progress. This guide is proven 5 Bios with four labs having spawned in uninfected countries. Whether you get 4 or 5 Bios depends on your ability to manage Gen-Sys labs and drones. Here we go!


Use the following genes:
  • ·         ATP Boost – Genetic drift makes early DNA valuable.
  • ·         Aquacyte – Islands are tough to infect.
  • ·         Ion Surge – Devolving Neuro-Enhancement is expensive.
  • ·         Leadership – Quick colonies and cheap abilities.
  • ·         Extremophile – Because there isn’t one for cold.

First two very important things:
  1. ·         Devolve the first four symptoms, no matter what they are. Then continue to devolve all lethal symptoms (including Fever for now) + Photobia and Neuro-Enhancement 1 (which you should never allow to evolve).
  2. ·         Normal play speed and pause are your friends now like never before. Be quick to slow down. Every day counts, particularly before and as genetic drift takes hold. I cannot emphasize this point enough; it can be the difference between 4 and 5 Bios.

1)      Start in West Africa.
2)      Evolve Simian Neuro-genesis. Switch to Ape view (on the left). We will be focusing on the apes for a while.
3)      Evolve:
  • ·         Blood Gift
  • ·         Cutaneous Transfer
  • ·         Ape Colonies

4)      Start a Colony in West Africa.
5)      Evolve:
  • ·         Social Cohesion
  • ·         Cognitive Shift
  • ·         Education
  • ·         Primal Awareness

6)      Start Colonies in:
  • ·         Central Africa
  • ·         Sudan
  • ·         East Africa

7)      Evolve:
  • ·         Drug Resistance 1
  • ·         Genetic Hardening 1 & 2
  • ·         Water 1
  • ·         Water2

8)      Allow Fever to evolve. Continue to devolve all other lethal symptoms + Photobia and Neuro-Enhancement 1.
9)      Evolve Ape Rampage as soon as the “<SiMega> escaped from Gen-Sys lab” message pops up.
10)   Build Colonies in China and India there as soon as Apes are infected. In the meantime, evolve the following:
  • ·         Air 1
  • ·         Air 2
  • ·         Cold 1
  • ·         Cold 2

·         Ape Rampage if not already evolved.
11)   Use Ape Rampage to attack Gen-sys labs immediately to have any hope of success:
·         Get in the habit of pausing as soon as they appear because often you will need to zoom in for proper placement and time is of the essence.
·         If the lab spawns where there are no infected Apes, wait until it goes to an infected country.
·         From now on, you must constantly scan the map for new labs so you can take them out ASAP. This can be another difference between 4 and 5 Bios. Good luck!
12)   Evolve Organized Travel.
·         Soon, drones will come for your colonies. Use Organized Travel to move out of the blue circle ASAP every time to preserve your colonies (DNA stream). This can be another difference between 4 and 5 Bios. Once again, good luck!
13)   Now, go to NORMAL speed and prepare to pop the red bubbles that appear en masse.
14)   Evolve:
  • ·         Hominidae Bridge
  • ·         Extreme Bioaerosol
  • ·         Fomites 1
  • ·         Fomites 2
  • ·         Fomites3

15)   Only devolve Neuro-Enhancement 1.
16)   Evolve the following if they haven’t already:
  • ·         Pharyngitis
  • ·         Coughing
  • ·         Pneumonia
  • ·         Photobia
  • ·         Subconjunctival Bleed
  • ·         Subconjunctival Haemorrhage
  • ·         Blindness
  • ·         Headache
  • ·         Fever
  • ·         Coma
  • ·         Genetic Reshuffle 1
  • ·         Hardened Reshuffle
  • ·         Genetic Reshuffle 2.

17)   In the unlikely event that you have surplus DNA, it goes into lethal symptoms.
18)   Welcome to the 5 Biohazard Mega Brutal Planet of the Apes.
Thanks for reading!

-          Sketch


  1. I've already tried 3 times and I didn't work for me on Mega Brutal. My main problem is the cure research and the DNA costs. The 3 times the cure research got 100% and I didn't have enough DNA to slow it down. The third time I didn't devolve anything to not spend DNA and the result was the same. Genetic Drift is working very well in my game. But thanks for the guide, it helped me on Brutal at least.

  2. AllHailSpicy, I sent you an updated 5 Bio guide. Please replace this disgrace.
    Sorry for our troubles Gustavo. The new guide is much better.

  3. AllHailSpicy, I sent you a 5 Bio guide. Please replace this disgrace.
    Gustavo, Sorry to hear of your troubles. The new guide should help.

  4. Sorry for the double post. Thought I deleted the one with the huge pic.

  5. It's 1:24 a.m. in the Philippines (where I think spicy is). No need to make you wait. Here's a reddit link: http://www.reddit.com/r/plagueinc/comments/2b4ysh/sketchs_simian_flu_mega_brutal_5_bio_guide_in/

  6. 5 Bio Guide: http://www.reddit.com/r/plagueinc/comments/2b4ysh/sketchs_simian_flu_mega_brutal_5_bio_guide_in/

  7. Just update this guide. Been really busy this week, sorry it took awhile to update your guide. I also featured your comment so people could see your recent stats.

  8. Yay, I got it. Actually I just follow the guide till step 10, then I made my own game. But, anyway, thanks for the guide's beginning, it helped me a lot.

  9. This totally worked for me, thank-you! :-)

  10. Think one shouldn't place the colonies in the middle of small countries. For example in Sudan, you will have no place to move your colony to when the drone arrives, because it's range coveres the whole country.

  11. Once the colony is established, the infected apes move with the colony even if you move them to another country. The countries were chosen based on the number of apes there. More apes in a colony means more DNA. I would suggest moving the Sudan colony to Indonesia when necessary to absorb the huge number of apes there. Or from China or India for that matter.

  12. I used this guide on the scenario where you start from a random country. As many times before i finished the game in about 1400 days with about 50-60% cure. But the score was only about 16000, which equals only 1 biohazard point!?! Any idea how to reach 3 points in scenario???