Simian Flu Coming To Plague Inc. This Week!

Screenshot from Ndemic Creations
Note: I would at first note that the screenshots that are provided here can be found here and here.

Update: Mega-Brutal Simian Flu Guide Is Here!

   Well! Ndemic Creations has released their first screenshots of the new plague from the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes called the Simian Flu! Ndemic Creations has confirmed that the new plague will be released by the end of the next week. 

   Now on to the released pictures and reaction. Firstly, if you look closely at the two pictures given above we can tell that the plagues 'special' color is going to be green. If you do not know what a plagues 'special color' is it is the color that shows upon the map of the world. For example, the neurax worm is orange and the necroa virus color is black. If you also look closely at the picture given above you can see that near the apes brain above it you see a picture of a camp fire. This possibly might be a human or an ape stronghold. You can also see a fort-like structure on top of the human brain near eastern Europe. This possibly could be a research lab that you have to move your apes to destroy.

   If you look above the DNA amount screen it show a banner which suggests the apes will have special abilities comparable to both the neurax worms' trojan plane special ability and the necroa viruses zombie horde ability. 

   Lastly, the cure seems to have come back for this plague type which is somewhat unusual due to the fact that I do not know how the apes are going to be 'cured'. It is possible that a currently unknown symptom may be similar to the necroa virus cytopathic reanimation symptom which caused zombies in the necroa virus plague type. It  therefore made the cure useless and it may be the same case for this special plague but at the moment this is just speculation.

  Most likely the plague type will be released on the date that the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is released which is July 11, 2014. Although, there may be variation due to the time it may take the update to get approved for release on the app store. 

   What is your thought on the new plague type and reaction to the newly released pictures? State your opinion in the comment section below and have a great day from our team!

Note: The original article stated that it would be similar to the frozen virus and the nipah virus in which the plague would only be able to start in one location. This has been deleted but the rest of the article remains intact.
Thanks to Henry Marden for pointing out the mistake!


  1. I hate to break it to you, but your second point is false. In the first screenshot, it states that the plague started in China, not the US. Anyhow, thanks for pointing out the campfire. This will clearly be a very interesting plague type, and I can not wait to play it.

  2. I'll change it thanks for the info!

  3. Ok I beat it on casual so far and have a basic strategy:

    This simulation starts out centered around infection and quickly evolves to Revolution and finally all-out war. Think of Spartacus; That's a pretty good analogy. This is mostly a war of attrition as well!

    I'll separate this into 3 phases:

    Phase 1- Infection:

    - Start off by upping your infectivity. Avoid doing anything with apes or symptoms yet. You want to establish the virus to spread quickly!

    1. Start off in China or India

    2. Get Fomites 1, Air 1 and Water 1

    3. Get Fomites 2

    4. Get Insect

    5.Get Cold 1, Heat 1, Drugs 1

    6. Let the virus spread a little, If any symptoms evolve, LET THEM (Except for Neuro-enhancement 1. You don't want people getting smarter too early!)

    7. Society will start noticing the virus about mid-way, but it's OK for now. They don't start seriously researching a cure until the apes cometh. Once you have enough points and a handful of countries, Do Simian Neuro-genesis to unleash the apes from the lab. (If it hasn't happened already, the lab will choose to keep quiet about the virus and apes for as long as possible). NOTE THAT DESTROYING LABS SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES RESEARCH TIME...THIS IS IMPORTANT FROM NOW ON!

    Phase 2- Revolution:
    - You are now in covert building mode. The idea is to covertly evolve the apes and establish bases, all the while infecting apes in other areas and building a chashflow and army. You want to be as discreet as possible when bailing out and infecting your fellow primates. Humans will start becoming aware of you, but this is acceptable...as long as humans don't get smarter during this time!
    1. Get Ape Colonies and set up first colony in the country you started in. This will increase infection amongst apes and start generating additional DNA pts periodically. do NOT make more than this for now!
    2. Get Cognitive Shift (this increases DNA from colonies which will be important later).
    3. Get Primal Awareness (this decreases the chances of hum as discovering the ape threat too early and destroying your base)
    4. Get Education followed by War Paint
    5. Set up a 2nd colony in a large country (I chose Russian). Spread your colonies out over large distances and continents to decrease chances of being discovered and wiped out, make it easier to infect apes in other areas, and make wiping out labs easier as they pop up.
    6. Get Ape Rampage (to take out labs as the pop up. IMPORTANT!) and Organised Travel, Logistics to spread infected apes into other areas.
    7. Migrate apes from India or China to Egypt to begin infecting Africa (which you will set up another shop a little later)
    8. If any labs pop up without infection, migrate apes to clean area which will auto set up a base and allow you to knock out the lab. DO THIS ASAP! Upgrade traveling speeds as necessary.

    Phase 3- Guerilla-Bio Warfare (pun intended)
    - The humans will now begin taking action against you if they haven't already. The virus will be steadily mutating and slowly debilitating the humans, which means they are fighting a war on two fronts: a bio war and a war vs. the apes. Your ultimate goal now is to grow strong enough to outlast human attacks and research for the cure while upgrading the virus to lethal levels which will kill all the humans. **If you think that the apes will wipe out humanity, YOU ARE WRONG!**
    1. Get all Ape abilities under Abilities (in no particular order...doesn't have to be all at once either)
    2. Get Inter-genus dissemination 1, Sebaceous excretion and Hominidae Bridge under Transmissions (in no particular order). Hominidae will generate a chance of humans giving the virus to apes and vice versa, which greatly helps infect the americas.
    3. Continue to destroy labs immediately as they pop up
    4. Establish 5-6 colonies worldwide (with 1 or 2 in the americas). Spread them out!
    5. At this point if Neuro-enhancement 1 evolves, let it go. It's too late for the humans now!
    6. Begin evolving your very lethal symptoms and watch humanity slowly die.

  4. Side note from below: Just discovered that you can move existing camps to new areas. Best to do this when detection planes are flying overhead!

  5. I will confirm that this does work.

    But goooood grief- I'm afraid to play any of the other difficulties; it's tricky enough trying to keep up with everything in Casual mode!