Strategy-testing for Necroa Virus Mega-Brutal

I've been playing the Necroa Virus on mega-brutal for the past weekend trying to find a strategy that could finish within 365 days. After so many failures, I think I've finally managed to inch closer and closer to 365 days. I've been doing this in preparation for Necroa Virus in the Unknown Origin scenarios.

The latest game I had, which was also the fastest, finished within 371 days. I think it could have been a lot faster if Z-Com didn't decide to make a base within the European cluster countries--it's so hard to move zombie hordes there.

If you guys are curios on how I did this or want to help me get that 365 day finish, here's some specifics on the current strategy I'm going with.

  • Gene setup: ATP Boost, Native Biome, Spliced Activation, Darwinist, and Xerophile
  • Starting country: Saudi Arabia
  • Early game: Evolve Hyper Salivation to Gastro, then Blood 1 to Air 2, then completely rush Hyper Salivation line all the way to Cytopathic Reanimation
  • Zombie stage: From Cytopathic Reanimation, evolve towards Autothysis as fast as possible.
  • Evolve Horde abilities to maximum, including the two abilities which make zombie hordes faster in land and water travel
  • From there I just move zombies around endlessly while evolving some more zombie combat symptoms along the way. Obviously, you'd want to start sending hordes to Island countries first, then transition your way towards moving zombies into uninfected and slightly infected countries. Also, you'd want to send zombies to Z-Com bases if they're close by.
Also, here's some of my notes while testing this strategy.
  • After evolving necessary horde abilities, play the game on normal speed. You want to maximize the time you have in deciding where the zombie hordes should go.
  • You need to be constantly moving zombies. You want to infect and destroy cities as quickly as possible.
  • Only evolve combative symptoms if you have a lot of stock DNA.
  • Greenland is the best possible country for Z-Com to start in. Sending millions of zombies to it destroys it instantly.
  • You do not want sterilization events of any kind to happen. If it does, just restart.

I hope you guys find an amazing way to get 365 days, I really need a working strategy in order to finish my Unknown Origin scenario guides. Post your strategy here at the comments or send them directly to us via our submit section. Good luck!

An update to this post:(7/10/2014)
I think I've finally found the right strategy to finish this plague within 365 days. This is my latest successful run:
As you can see, I've finished at exactly 347 days. A guide using this strategy should be posted as soon as I test it out multiple times. It is by no means easy, you need to manage your zombie hordes well, while also evolving combat-increasing symptoms. At least I've finally proven that Necroa Virus could be finished within a year in mega-brutal difficulty.


  1. Have you tried to use cold or drug resistance?? Anyway I think that you would get 3 biohazard if playing in the scenario with the game you pictured

  2. I'm going to try those countries next, I suppose. The reason behind Saudi Arabia is it's Plane access to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Iceland. The big countries need to be infected before I even think of evolving Cytopathic Reanimation

  3. I've tried putting Drug Resistance 1 & 2, it didn't work, though. Putting points in it does make infection spread faster, but putting points on it not only increases the DNA needed for horde abilities, it also makes it take longer to evolve the necessary zombie symptoms.

    I hope it does, I haven't had any luck getting a Saudi Arabia start in Unknown Origins yet. I've tested finishing Necroa at exactly 375 days on the scenario with cheats and it only finished with 2 biohazards.

  4. That was actually the first path I took, but having symptoms like Gastro with some severity will give you bonus DNA on orange and red bubbles. Those first 3 symptoms also boost infectivity by quite a bit at the start because having Air 1 & 2 early won't really force Saudi Arabia to send infected planes if infected count is below 100~200K.

  5. Current strategy I'm using seems to be working now. Tested it on Unknown Origin scenario and finished Necroa Virus in mega-brutal difficulty with 3 biohazards. Guide should be up in the next day or two.

    I think scenarios require 375 days or below finishes, not 365. I think it took 373 days because I was unlucky enough to get the Ship sterilization event, and had to infect countries that should have already been infected in the first place.