The Upcoming Plague Inc Update, Spicy the beta-tester, Recruitment, and Updates on future guides.

blogger As you all know(or about to know), Ndemic Creations is about the release their latest update for their popular game, Plague Inc. The upcoming update includes a brand new plague called the Simian Flu. Needless to say, this update would be released across all platforms Plague Inc. is currently available at.

Some news and information on the upcoming Plague Inc update

The Simian Flu will most likely be similar to the virus(bacteria, I dunno) in the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. More about this news at Plague Inc.'s Facebook page.

I guess Plague Inc.--being the awesome game that it is--has gained some fans in the movie industry, and have partnered up with the makers of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to release another one-of-a-kind special plague.

Several people are already criticizing this move by Ndemic Creations to release another plague type based on a movie. The scenario, Nipah Virus, closely resembled the MEV-1 virus shown in the movie, Contagion, although, there are no reports or news whatsoever that Ndemic made contact with the makers of the movie--I mean, Contagion was released on 2011 and Plague Inc at 2012. If anything, the movie was just an inspiration.

Speculations of what this new plague will bring have also come up on several forum sites. Some believe that the Simian Flu would hold close similarities with the Necroa Virus, but instead of moving zombie hordes you'll be moving--this HAS to be obvious--apes.  A few people have also voiced their opinions about the Simian Flu being the same as the Frozen Virus scenario. Their primary basis for argument regarding this has been "the simian flu turning people to apes". I couldn't force myself to even consider this because the Simian Flu, based on the movie Planet of the Apes, kills humans and makes apes smarter. If my memory serves right, there have been no human to ape transformations in any Planet of the Apes movies.

Spicy the beta-tester

Regardless of all the criticisms and speculations regarding the upcoming special plague, I'm happy to announce that I, Spicy, will be one of the lucky beta-testers for the future update. It's a great honor to be testing an update for a game that we've been focusing on for the past months.

Although, I am part of the beta-testing team, I won't be releasing any information regarding the imminent update. Any information I might have gathered during the testing will be released as soon as the update itself is available for everyone--as long as the Ndemic Creations team allows me to.

Recruitment Paragraph here. You (don't) need to read this.

In other news, the Yo It's Spicy team is still currently looking for more authors and other people who'd wanna help out with our site. Authors can write guides or articles about games they are passionate about. You don't have to be an author, though, if you want to join our team, just send us an email of what you can bring to our table and we'll discuss it there. End of subtle recruitment news.

Some short updates on future guides

Regarding guides that will be posted in the upcoming days: I will be finishing up my Unknown Origin scenario guides and move into mega-brutal guides for Created Equal. I'll also be making another strategy for the Necroa Virus that will be used mainly for Unknown Origin(It'll also work for normal games, I promise). Achievement guides are slow on development right now, but I'll try to work on a few while finishing up my scenario guides.

I also plan to add more games to our game guide list, but I'll still be focusing most of my time on Plague Inc. If you want to make guides for a specific game, contact us now!(That's the final recruitment line, I swear)

As an end to this weird article, James Vaughan--the founder Ndemic Creations and Plague Inc.--recognizes the hard work that the Yo! It's Spicy team is doing in providing guides for everyone. I could post the email here, but that would just be too creepy.

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