Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Pirate Plague: Fungus Guide

This guide has been written and submitted by Dr Bulgaria. 

Spicy's Comments: I have not made any significant changes to this guide except for its structure and a few spelling errors. Remember to thank Dr Bulgaria for this amazing guide, and give your comments and feedback for its improvement.

Pirate plague (Fungus)
Objective: Super Sparrow (finish the pirate plague scenario with each disease with 3 biohazards)

The last 3 very hard achievements on Plague Inc are basically asking you to score 3 biohazards with EACH plague in a restrictive setting (crippled ship transmissions, crippled air transmissions and randomly closed borders). I postponed doing this for as long as I could doing all the other achievements first but now it is time to separate boys from men :). Here goes:

Probably the easiest way to beat Pirate plague, Volcanic Ash and Shut down everything is to use the Neurax Worm. Trojan planes solve the problem of restricted transmissions. When it comes to the other plagues however.... well it is hard. I decided to start with my favourite plague Fungus.

This tactic does not give you a 100% success rate and relies on chance but I managed to make it work 2 out of 4 times. You have to play on Brutal to score the 3 Biohazards and you cannot cheat. You could try mega brutal if you wish of course but.....it is hard enough as it is and you still have 7 more plagues to do.


  • Catalytic Switch
  • Aquacyte
  • Patho-Stasis
  • Darwinist
  • Extremophile

1. Start in China. Start using your spore burst abilities until you have used them all popping the red bubbles as they appear. You should be able to evolve Air 1 near the end.

2. Evolve Spore Eruption pop the bubbles then use the DNA to evolve Air 2. Evolve Spore eruption again-pop the bubbles-evolve Rash, Sweating and Skin lesions as soon as you have the DNA. Also evolve spore hardening.

3. Evolve Water 1 and 2. Evolve Drug resistance 1 Cold 1 and Heat 1. Evolve Extreme Bioaerosol.

4. Devolve any lethal symptoms if they mutate. If you mutate Cysts or Coughing/Sneezing, however, leave it. DO NOT evolve them!

5. Evolve Drugs 2. Evolve Bird 1 and 2 . Evolve Cold and Heat 2 and Environmental Hardening.

6. You have to wait and be patient for a while now. Do not evolve lethal symptoms as you probably have at least 2 island still uninfected and you do not want them to close their borders. This is where luck plays a heavy part. You need to infect ALL the countries (as soon as they get infected initially you can proceed you do not have to wait until they are completely red!). You cannot wait too long however as our aim is to finish the game in 360-380 days. Do not forget to pop all the blue bubbles that appear - not only you will get extra DNA but you will slow down the cure as well. You can evolve Genetic hardening 1 if you wish but this is a judgement call at this point.

7. As soon as the last island sprouts a red bubble start evolving the killing symptoms in this order:
  • Necrosis
  • Fever
  • Immune Suppression
  • Total Organ Failure
  • Coma
  • Haemorrhagic Shock
  • Paralysis
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Insanity
  • Internal Bleeding
There are a couple of lucky shots/judgement calls as the game moves to 6-7 months after start and there is no one single route to victory. You can speed up and evolve some killer symptoms as all the other countries are turning red (about 6 000 000 000 infected) even if there are uninfected islands as you need to start killing quickly but you run the risk of island remaining uninfected. You can evolve some genetic reshuffles to reduce the cure progression but you run the risk of taking too long killing everybody and thus scoring 2 Biohazards only. You can evolve some extra infectious symptoms (like Hyper sensitivity, Sneezing, coughing or Pulmonary Oedema) but you risk raising the threat levels and thus reducing the chance of crossing the seas. It took me about 6 tries adjusting my tactic before I scored the elusive 3 biohazards at the end. Just keep trying and eventually you will succeed. the trick is to wait for the infections to work even with the slow progress of ship/island infections but do not delay it too long before you start evolving killer symptoms. I draw the line at 7 months after start before I start evolving killer symptoms.


  1. I slightly changed the way that is described above. I suggest to save 2 or 3 spore bursts and to use them finally together with the second spore eruption when you have the last islands remain uninfected. This does not only save time where you would sit and wait for the last islands become infected at last, you can also evolve symptoms like dysentery, necrosis, systemic infection and so on much earlier - they will boost your speed but will offen lead to closed ports of the remaining islands. But this won't harm you if you have some spore bursts left in the late game.
    Additionally I evolved insects 1 and starting in India is a good alternative, too.

    Besides, if you are heading for the achievement, a three biohazard score in NORMAL difficulty is enough. At least I got the lava god achievement by doing so in the volcanic ash scenario. But be aware to play ALL plagues in normal difficulty then - my three bios for bacteria and neurax in mega-brutal didn't count, I had to repeat those in normal mode before the achievement was granted!

  2. Явор СимеоновAugust 4, 2014 at 5:56 AM

    This strategy worked for me both for Volcanic Ash and Shut down everything. You have to modify your initial genes - for Volcanic use Aerocyte and for shut down use Gene Supression. This counters the special effects of the scenarios. It works both with my orriginal guide and with the alterations suggested by Mace - I scored 3 biohazards on Brutal both ways. I do not think that at this stage Fungus has any more secrets for the fans of this game. If only the Simian Flu was so easy to figure out... I will never get my 3 achievements with this last mutation! Even on Normal....

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