Alien Plague Coming To Plague Inc?

blogger    An alien plague is likely coming to Plague Inc. new comments by the Ndemic Creations team reveal.

   New comments by the team of Plague Inc. the developer Ndemic Creations have confirmed that an alien plague is on the "to-do list".
NdemicTom of Ndemic Creations has stated the following.....

Some sort of Alien plague is definitely on the "to-do" list! 
The conversation can be found here.

   It is most likely going to come after the new scenario editor is finally released in a week or so. After then work is going to most likely begin on the new plague. The plague would be released only a few months after the last special plague the Simian Flu was released.

   What is your opinion on the adding the alien plague? What type should it be? Should it be the rapidly mutating virus based off the film X like they did with the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? Should it be something new entirely? Should it be a mix?

  For certain an alien plague seems to be the next plague released for Plague Inc.

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  1. I think the alien plague should be one from the movie called aliens this is the story theyre these scientist they r testing a parasite that they found on a planet they brought it back to earth to study it then it got loose and it starts to infect people