Scenario Creator Coming To Plague Inc: Evolved

   The new scenario creator is coming to Plague Inc: Evolved. It is expected to be released in multiple weeks according to the Ndemic Creations twitter page. In it players will be allowed to create their own scenarios and share it with the public. It will only be coming to Plague Inc: Evolved and not coming to the IOS and the Android versions of the game.

   The exact process on how players can change the scenarios and make their own is unknown. That being said, it should be noted that players will not be allowed to change the algorithms of the game even in the scenario editor according to Ndemic Creations. It is also unknown if they can edit them as the publishing of this article.

   The scenario creator will be the next mutation to come after the release of the Simian Flu. The exact time it will be released is unknown. Although, it will most likely be released in 3-4 weeks.

   What is your reaction to the scenario creator and what scenarios will you build?

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