Plague Inc. Created Equal Scenario: Neurax Worm Mega-Brutal Guide (3 Biohazards)


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  • Events such as Awareness Day, WHO watch-list placement, and WHO threat level increase will greatly affect your success rate. These events will boost the cure progression significantly, and also cause countries to close down their point-of-entries earlier.
Overall, this is pretty easy and should work like a charm. Just follow this guide!

Gene Setup

  • ATP Boost
  • Native Biome
  • Trans-Stasis
  • Darwinist
  • Extremophile or Hydrophile

1.) Evolve these transmissions before you infect India.

  • Eggs I 
  • Insect I
2.) Infect India

3.) As soon as possible evolve...

  • Eggs II

4.) Evolve all of these transmissions.

  • Concertina Locomotion
  • Undulatory Locomotion
  • Air I 
  • Air II
  • Insect II
  • Air III
  • Water I
  • Water II
  • Water III
  • Bird I 
  • Bird II
5.) Evolve these abilities to help it spread better in cold and developed countries.

  • Cold Resistance I
  • Drug Resistance I
  • Cold Resistance II
  • Drug Resistance II
6.) Evolve these to slow down the cure.

  • Genetic Hardening I
  • Genetic Hardening II
7.) Evolve these symptoms and transmissions and you win.

  • Neural Breach
  • Cerebral Tendrils
  • Frontal Mesh
  • Immaturity
  • Mania
  • Aggression
  • Insanity
  • Rodent I
  • Rodent II
  • Obsession
  • Devotion
  • Transcendence
You should now have 3 golden biohazards on mega-brutal!

Note: This Guide Was Tested On Plague Inc. Version 1.9.2.


  1. why doesn't this work on Plague inc. evolved?

  2. Well, for me it just worked on evolved. You need to evolve trojan planes1 extra somewhere between air1 and water2 in this guide, then infect countries hard to get... also i evolved genetic swap and only those 2 more which are good for mutation. then it does really well, i got 3/3 biohazards. THX AGAIN SPICY! :)