Plague Inc. Patient Who? Achievement Guide

First of all, thanks to StarViruZ of the appaddict forums for posting guides for achievements on Plague Inc. His guides might be a little outdated, but this guide for 'Patient WHO' is just a more elaborate and slightly changed strategy from what he posted. It might also be worth noting that activating cheats will not unlock achievements anymore.

Unlocking the 'Patient Who?' achievement requires some amount of patience, because it takes a long time for the first pop-up to appear. Basically what we're aiming for is to prevent the CDC from finding patient zero and the only way to do that is too kill patient zero first. It might sound easy, but it isn't, you have wait for the CDC hunt pop-up to appear before you even start to do something.

This guide has been tested on Plague Inc. for iOS(version 1.9.1)

A few things I noticed while forcing the pop-ups to appear:

  1. The first pop-up seems to appear after 2 years in-game time, give or take a few months.
  2. The second pop-up appears a few months after the first pop-up. This second pop-up states that the CDC are close to finding patient zero; This is when you need to start evolving lethal symptoms.
  3. You don't have to finish the game. The third and final pop-up is enough to unlock the achievement.
Okay, let's begin. First, my suggested gene setup:
  • Catalytic Switch - helps you get DNA from cure bubbles, very handy since we're going to wait for a long time.
  • Aquacyte - anything from the gene pool is actually viable, but I chose this one to easily infect pesky island countries.
  • Ionised Helix - you'll be devolving all through-out the game, I highly recommend having this gene.
  • Genetic Mimic - we'll want to slow down the cure as much as we possibly can, so having this gene is only necessary for the long game we're going to have.
  • Extremophile - minor infection rate boost on every climate. The best environmental gene, in my opinion.

1.) Start a normal non-scenario game of Prion in Casual difficulty. The reason we're using Prion is because it has unique abilities that slow down the cure, and because this will be a long game, it's only necessary to have those abilities.

2.) Start in Saudi Arabia. Then evolve the following in this order as soon as you can:
  • Air 1 & 2
  • Water 1
  • Neural Atrophy 1, 2, and 3
  • Drug Resistance
  • Genetic Hardening 1 & 2
Note: Remember to devolve every mutated symptom as soon as they pop-up. Never forget this. You have to devolve everything.

3.) Evolve the following symptoms:
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Pneumonia
  • Cysts
  • Hyper Sensitivity
  • Abscesses
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia

4.) At this point, it's going to be a waiting game. Remember to do the following while waiting for the first pop-up:
  1. Devolve any mutated symptom. It doesn't matter if it's non-lethal, we're trying to avoid symptom combos because some of them are a little lethal.
  2. Pop the cure bubbles immediately. Just a small reminder
  3. If the cure progress reaches 75%, evolve all three Genetic Re-Shuffles right away. This has not happened to me on two games I played using this guide, but I thought I'd list it just as a precaution.
After a "short" time of waiting, this pop-up should appear:
A few in-game months after the pop-up above, this one appears.
The 13 deaths were caused by an Anarchy event(I think)
As soon as the CDC begins to close in on patient zero(pop-up above), evolve the following immediately:
  • Anaemia
  • Haemophilia
  • Internal Haemorrhaging
  • Hemorrhagic Shock
The symptoms above should be enough to kill people at a decent rate. You do not want anymore lethal symptoms because you'll want to have some time for the final pop-up to appear.

After at least 3 billion people are killed, or something close to that, the final achievement-unlocking pop-up should appear:
Congratulations! You have unlocked the 'Patient Who?' achievement.

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide has helped you successfully unlock the achievement. If you have any other strategies or tips you'd like to share, post them at the comments below or submit them directly to us via our submit section. HSG!


  1. Wow, what a long wait - the first popup arrived in April, 2016, the second one didn't come until December, 2017.

  2. Same for it though by following plague in Space guide

  3. it took almost an entire game year for them to start closing in on patient zero, then they caught patient zero almost immediatley after; barely one thousand people had died. also, the cure reached 75%, then i bought all 3 genetic reshufflings, then it reached 75% again, all before i got even the first popup

  4. Thanks! Works great on Android and iOS.

  5. I'm playing on the most recent version of Plague Inc and this didn't quite help. Or rather, it didn't work. It certainly got me the pop-ups, after a couple of in-game years... almost immediately after saying they were "close" they found Patient Zero.

    I was only able to kill off a couple hundred thousand before they picked the person up. May need some more lethal symptoms, such as Necrosis. Likewise, without sweating the i-Cure chewed up some of my cure time. Also, the cure reached 75% long before the first message ever popped up.

    I'll try it a few more times, with more lethality, and see if that works.