Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Neurax Worm Speed Run Guide

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Neurax Worm Speed Run Guide (Around 200 Days)

Gene Setup
  • ATP Boost
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Teracyte
  • Extremophile
  • Trans-Stasis

Start in China. Before popping the first bubble, use your first 8 DNA points to evolve the following:
  • Eggs 1
  • Eggs 2
  • Concertina Locomotion
  • Undulatory Locomotion

Once you officially start the game, evolve all the transmissions through their end (Air 3, Water 3, Bird 2, Insect 2, and Rodent 2) as well as Trojan Planes 1-3. The order that you evolve doesn't matter, though you should evolve the three Trojan Plane abilities before evolving all the transmissions so we can start sending out the trojan planes ASAP.

Once you start getting trojan planes, you want to spread the infection quickly to the other major continents (Africa, North America, South America, and Europe) as well as all the island nations. The order I usually send the trojan planes is:
  1. Central Africa
  2. USA
  3. Brazil
  4. Central Europe
  5. Any island contry not yet infected
  6. Any country not 100% infected

Once all transmissions have been evolved, go to abilities and get Cold 1, Heat 1, and Drug 1 to help further spread the worm. Next, we need to evolve Transendence quickly. The cheapest path to do this is the following:
  • Neural Breach
  • Cerebral Tendrils
  • Adrenergic Constriction
  • Anxiolytic Infusion
  • Psychosis
  • Adoration
  • Devotion
  • Transcendence

By this point, most of the countries should be infected. Next, we need to finish evolving resistances to speed up the spreading.
Cold 2 and Drug 2 need to be evolved to help spread the disease in Greenland and Canada. Heat 2 and Environmental Hardening are optional, depending on how much of South America and Africa still need to be 100% infected. At this point, it's just waiting until the whole world is infected.

Using this strategy, you should be able to win the game in about 200 days. My current record is 203 days.


  1. Thanks for this guide, it took a while but I finally got lucky with 184 days. I did make a few adaptions. I found Aerocyte gave a better initial spread and cut down on the countries to Trojan; since cure doesn't matter Darwinist gave a slight increase in the chance of evolving a symptom you wanted or which added infectiousness and Rurophile helps with Morocco and those bloody islands at the end.
    Also I mixed up the Trojans a bit, relying on evolving the first two air transmissions early to get Europe and the US. The Trojans I got to 3 right after the air transmissions and sent to Central Africa, Brazil, Iceland and then Greenland [Note Iceland has a really slow infection rate so of the islands it needs to be gotten first after those continent centers]. If you're missing any islands after that you should try for them but if you have more than 1 maybe 2 it's probably too late. You need to get them via your other transmissions, which doesn't always happen but I found was fairly common.
    I recommend prioritizing the first two airs, three trojans, two birds, then two water. You can grab the other transmissions as you can afford them. Then I went with drug 2 and cold 1, then the symptom chain mentioned above, then cold 2 and hot 1 after, then I threw whatever I had left into obsession, insanity, aggression and mania since they have good infectiousness.
    Good luck to those trying this challenge, it's quite a pain. After a day honing this strategy I spent another 3-4 hours hovering at around 210-220 days before my luck came in.

  2. Followed it exactly and got 3 stars...377 days. Guess I'm missing something!

  3. Brought it down from 377 to 284 using Fitz's method. I'm still only recieving 3 stars. I thought finishing the speed runs in under a year is how you get 5 stars??

  4. That was meant to say got

  5. When do you suggest Drug 1?