Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Plague in Space Achievement Guide

This guide has been written and submitted by katrina. Submit yours to us now!

Spicy's Comments: Amazingly done guide by katrina! Includes screenshots for easier following. Remember to rate and comment for the guide's improvement. It can be used for other achievements as well!

This guide can also be used to achieve Patient WHO, and Russian Nuclear Reaction

I've tested this guide only 3 times, and have been able to achieve all three achievements in a single game once with it. I've been able to achieve both the nuke & plague in space every time though. Please try it out and do what you can to make it better.

Plague In Space Achievement Guide

It's important to note that you need to have patience between the pop-ups. Sometimes the astronauts will die at 1.5 billion deaths, sometimes not til after 3 billion.

You can also achieve Patient Who and Russian Nuclear Retaliation with this guide. When Spalin threatens Russia, evolve Paralysis. 'Patient who' can just happen following this guide, but sometimes the CDC finds them too quickly. If you want to use this guide for Patient Who, when the CDC says they are zeroing in on USA, immediately evolve dysentery, seizures, and inflammation.

Note : devolve ANY symptoms that mutate. Lethal or non lethal.

Genetic Setup

  1. Catalytic Switch - This is the MOST important of all genes. You will be doing quite a bit of waiting, and you're going to NEED the DNA from cure bubbles. And there will be plenty.
  2. Aerocyte - I think it's correlated to achieving the Plague In Space. One game I played using Aquacyte did not trigger the first pop up, but perhaps I missed a step.
  3. Sympto-Stasis - We will be evolving then devolving then again evolving many symptoms. Unless you want to pay 30+ DNA just for inflammation, I suggest using this.
  4. Genetic Mimic - Slow down the cure even further, as we will be patiently waiting for quite some time. 
  5. Extremophile - I almost always use this anyway. Pick whichever. 

1.) Use Prion on casual difficulty

2.) Start in USA, then evolve
  • Drug 1
  • Air 1 & 2
  • Cold 1
  • Drug 2
  • Water 2 & 3
  • Extreme Bioaerosal
  • Neural Atrophy 1, 2& 3
  • Genetic Hardening 1 & 2

Make sure you devolve ANY symptoms until every country (Morocco should be last )in the world is infected

2.) Now that every country is infected, it's okay to let symptoms mutate but devolve ANY somewhat lethal symptoms or Skin Lesions if they mutate. We don't want the profuse bleeding combo.

Evolve every first symptom, and then every second branch symptom. Order isn't important but I usually do this
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Cysts
  • Anaemia
  • Rash
  • Nausea
  • Coughing
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Sneezing
  • Pneumonia
  • Hyper sensitivity
  • Abscesses
  • Haemophilia
Note: To nuke Russia, also evolve cold 2. To nuke China, evolve bird 1&2

3.) Save at least 23 DNA
Evolve Seizures & Insanity at the same time, and then immediately devolve seizures. Do not let anyone die.
Remember to Devolve ANY symptom other than those listed. This is what you want to see in your Symptoms tree
Symptom tree at this point
We do not want folks dying... Yet.

So now we wait until we see this pop-up

There's been times where I haven't seen this pop up til 60%. Be patient!

4.) Now we need to devolve devolve devolve.
Devolve EVERY symptom EXCEPT Insomnia, paranoia, and insanity. You'll want your symptom tree to look like this

Now wait for this pop up

Notice that my cure is at 92% and I have 256 DNA. I still haven't used any genetic shuffles and though I don't have to, I will just so I'm not watching that bar. 

5.) Now, it's time to end to the world.
Dysentery, Seizures, and Inflammation.

Be sure to devolve ANY other symptoms that evolve. We don't want some killer combo coming along and increasing lethality. We want the lethality to be relatively low.

Note : Spalin will likely be elected while waiting for the last pop up. When she threatens Russia, evolve Paralysis and you will unlock the Russian Nuclear Retaliation achievement. Paralysis has such low lethality that it will not effect the game. Sometimes her threat isn't until after you get the Plague in Space achievement, but why not kill two birds with one stone? 


Yay! You did it! I had a game where this didn't pop up until over 3 billion dead. Another at 1.5 billion. 


  1. Perhaps try evolving Paralysis & Coma as the lethal symptoms and every genetic reshuffle once cure progression reaches 95%. Sorry that this guide took 6 tries to work on Plague Inc Evolved. I don't understand why the game is so different on each interface.

  2. Think the issue was "Scientists have developed an understanding of inflammation" or something to that effect. I guess when that pops up it nerfs the specific symptom it mentions so it doesn't work.
    Started a new game, didn't get that pop up and it was smooth sailing. Yeh evolved is a tricky one, achievements I got easily on the app are a nightmare on the PC. Having zero luck with the nuke ones yet they were a piece of cake on the app.

  3. Can you devolve the transmissions and the Cold resistance once the infection has spread 100%?

  4. I've tried that so I could collect DNA quicker in the past, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I'm not sure if the pop up is dependant on the transmissions or Cold 1, but I'd recommend just waiting it out and saving up DNA. It doesn't matter if you collect all the symptoms at once or as soon as you have enough DNA, once those cure bubbles start popping up you will have more DNA than you'll ever need.

  5. We're you able to get Spalin elected with this guide at least? If so, I would just immediately evolve Dysentery and Seizures once every country is infected, leave out inflammation, and try that. Evolve Coma and devolve seizures if cure progression gets too high.

  6. Okay figured out where I was going wrong on that one. I was getting Sparlin elected but there was no threats against Russia. Turns out it's to do with transmissions and abilities. To target Russia you need to evolve Cold 1&2 and China it's Bird 1&2 then when they make the threat evolve paralysis. Guessing this is just for evolved as I don't remember having to do that on the app.
    Great guide though, helped me get three achievements that were bugging the hell out of me!

  7. Thanks, this actually worked 2nd try for me, so I'm happy now.
    The first time, all the USAians died before the popup arrived.

  8. Thanks!

    I got Touchscreen Trash (I evolved sweating and devolved it after I obtained the achievement, Russian Nuclear Retaliation, and STALKers Delight (after a meltdown in Germany).
    I was losing hope in Plague in Space, but I got it just after 5, yes five, million deaths.
    Four achievements in one game!

    I will try to get Patient Who in your Patient Who walkthrough.

  9. Worked for plague inc. evolved. It might even help those trying to get patient WHO.

  10. Great guide! Got all 3 on my second try! Thank you!

  11. Hey, it worked! Got all three achivements, the iCure device I already had from another game (with a virus, BTW).

    The only suggestion I can make is that you can save your game before starting adding symptons in case of failure, after the world is infected. Just remember to wait the message saying "everybody on Earth is infected" after loading before doing anything, otherwise the game becomes a little crazy and some symptons and effects delay a little before start kicking in.

    Great guide. :D

  12. Anonymus somebodyMarch 9, 2015 at 12:12 AM

    Got Touchscreen trash and plague in space first try! I used genetic reshuffles, got the last popup at 98% but I didn't even got the "USA president taken ill popup" Thank you! (maybe becuse I'm playing on plague inc evolved) After 326 million dead!!!

  13. how do u get the STALKers achievement?