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Armies facing each other in an open battlefield taking turns at shooting at each other, now what could possibly be better than that?

Mini troopers is a flash army-management game where you train and upgrade soldiers to battle other armies. You have no control over how your soldiers fight, they'll run head-first into the opposing army and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Instead, you are given to ability to level-up and upgrade your soldiers to make them better in battle.

Minitroopers was made by Motion-Twin and has been around for a few years. You are given one soldier at the start(don't worry you'll be able to add more), and 3 battles which will be replaced daily. Yeah, you read that right, you're only given 3 battles a day--so obviously, you'd want to win all of them.

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The game's User Interface(UI) is pretty simple. Your HQ page will contain available fights and missions, and your army link which will be used to recruit other soldiers. Soldiers you recruit will be able to fight for you in Raid missions once you have a specific number of recruits.

Your HQ Page
Your soldiers can be leveled-up using coins you win from fights, missions, and raids. They will cost more and more to level-up, this also includes the addition of more soldiers for your army.

In the case of raids, your army will not be able to fight for you. Instead, your recruit's first soldier will be there to fight, so the more recruits you have that are actively playing, the more coins you'll be able to collect everyday.

Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links, so you could be more acquainted with the basics of the game.

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