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blogger Hey Guys!

I know some of you have been waiting for more Plague Inc. guides to be released, but are somehow let down by how extremely slow the guides have been. The reason behind the super-slow production of guides is because of the work schedule I'm faced with right now. To give you guys an idea of how tiring my past few weeks have been, I'm at the office from 8 a.m to 8 p.m every-single-day.

Although this site has been having a pretty decent number of views per day, the revenue it generates isn't even close to being able to pay my bills. That is why I have to focus on work more than making guides.

BUT! I still plan to complete my Plague Inc. guides down to the last scenario. I won't be faced with this completely unfair work schedule forever, though, maybe until October? Maybe. By then, I'd be able to use my free time to play more games and write more guides.

I'll try my very best to write up some guides(or articles) whenever I have free time. Submissions are still very much welcomed! Every submitted worked will be reviewed by me and will be posted as soon as possible. So keep your submissions coming!

That's all. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my site/blog, Thanks to those who keep submitting amazing guides, and Thanks to my team, especially Jacob Cor who has been picking up the slack and has been posting different guides!


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