Plague Inc. Who Cares: Bacteria Mega-Brutal(3 Biohazards) Guide

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Gene Setup

ATP Boost-DNA Gene
Aquacyte-Travel Gene
Sympto-Stasis-Evolution Gene
Genetic Mimic-Mutation Gene
Extremophile- Enviroment Gene

1.) At the starting point evolve these abilities to give your plague a nice infection boost. It is extremely great to use this at the start of the game so you can finish the game nicely and quickly! It is helped because we have in our gene setup ATP Boost which happens to give us 8 DNA points. The now trio of cysts, abscesses, and coughing will give us a huge infection boost again at the start of the game! I consider it one of the best parts of the strategy guide for this simple reason.
  • Cysts-Symptoms Section
  • Abscesses-Symptoms Section
  • Coughing-Symptoms Section
2.) At this point in the game we are going to start in India.
  • Start in India- Select Country
3.) At this point we are going to go incredibly aggressive and use the skin lesions incredible infection boost to again get a huge infection boost at the start of the game. The other symptoms are just used to get skin lesions because they are relatively cheap in DNA points so we can evolve better symptoms letter in this guide.
  • Rash-Symptoms Section
  • Sweating-Symptoms Section
  • Skin Lesions-Symptoms Section
4.) At this point we will be evolving the "bathroom symptoms" which will understandably increase severity so people might happen to start notice it. This will not be a problem however but it will be causing to start people to have reasonable concern about your new plague.
  • Nausea-Symptoms Section
  • Vomiting-Symptoms Section
  • Diarrhoea-Symptoms Section
5.) Now we will be evolving symptoms that target the lungs of the infected.
  • Sneezing-Symptoms Section
  • Pulmonary Oedema-Symptoms Section
  • Pneumonia-Symptoms Section
6.) Continue Evolving The Symptoms Given.
  • Anaemia-Symptoms Section
  • Haemophilia-Symptoms Section
  • Hyper Sensitivity-Symptoms Section
  • Insomnia-Symptoms Section
  • Paranoia-Symptoms Section
  • Pulmonary Oedema-Symptoms Section
  • Pulmonary Fiborsis-Symptoms Section

7.)  Now we are going to evolve these transmissions to spread our disease even faster and more rapidly again. We are going to go and get all the air transmissions now and the water ones as well.

  • Air I-Transmissions Section
  • Air II-Transmissions Section
  • Water I-Transmissions Section
  • Water II-Transmissions Section
8.) Now we will begin to harden your disease by making it easier to spread in cold countries and countries with advanced drugs. It will help your disease spread faster in those counties.
  • Cold Resistance I- Abilities Section
  • Drug Resistance I-Abilities Section
9.) Now lets evolve Extreme Bioaerosol.
  • Extreme Bioaerosol-Transmissions Section
10.) Now lets keep hardening your disease.
  • Cold Resistance II-Abilities Section
  • Drug Resistance II-Abilities Section
  • Genetic Hardening I-Abilities Section
  • Genetic Hardening II-Abilities Section
  • Bacterial Resilience I-Abilities Section
  • Bacterial Resilience II-Abilities Section
11.) Once all non-island countries infected evolve.....
  • Necrosis-Symptoms Section
  • Dysentery-Symptoms Section
  • Total Organ Failure-Symptoms Section
  • Hemorrhagic Shock-Symptoms Section
  • Coma-Symptoms Section
  • Insanity-Symptoms Section
  • Paralysis-Symptoms Section
  • Seizures-Symptoms Section
  • Inflammation-Symptoms Section
  • Immune Suppression-Symptoms Section


It is not uncommon to get the following results on the disease ending menu for the scenario using the guide that I have provided above.

DNA Sequence: Complex
Difficulty: Mega-Brutal
Disease Type: Bacteria
Time: 300-370 days (Average 340 days)
Cure Progress: 10-30% (Average 20-25%)
Score Total: Around 700,000 I would estimate for the IOS.


   This guide was made on Plague Inc. on the IOS and may not work on PC, Xbox One, and Mac.


   You should gotten your 3 golden biohazards symbols! Happy Spicy Gaming!

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  1. Android Score 82,468, 309 days, and the cure was 18% complete. First attempt. Excellent guide